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Have you ever searched for that perfect app and been so happy when you found just what you were looking for? Whether it be a recipe finder app, a game, or a picture editor, there is literally an app out there for almost everything. After being an iPhone user for four years now, I have put together my list of my favorite apps that I think are most useful and also an app that I can't find but would LOVE to see. 

My Favorite Apps

Epicurious is the best recipe finder app that you will ever find. It is reliable because it takes recipes from magazines such as Bon App├ętit, Gourmet, Better Homes and Gardens and Self. You can then search through their database by ingredient, type of dish, cuisine, season or occasion, or dietary consideration. After finding a recipe you like, you can favorite that recipe and then add it to your shopping list, in which you can look at every ingredient (and amounts) that you need! 

TripAdvisor City Guides
Have you ever been in a foreign country and wanted to look up a cool restaurant to grab lunch at but not been able to because of data and internet restrictions? If so, this app is for you. With this app, you simply download the city guide for whichever city you're visiting before you get there. After this, you can look up hotels, restaurants, things to do and even walking tours all without 3G or Wifi! If you'd like to get an idea of what this app is like, check out the original Trip Advisor website

I know there are a lot of avid Pandora users out there, but I'm here to tell you that Songza is, in fact, the better music streaming app. With Songza, you can choose between playlists based on many different categories. This categories include genre, mood, the activity that you're doing at that moment, and decades. So, say you're feeling sad and want music to match your mood, you just pick "sad" and pick any playlist. Ex: "Cry Yourself to Sleep". My personal favorite playlist is "Girls just Wanna Have Fun" in which I play when getting ready to go out. They also have a website that you can check out here!

App I want to be Invented

Roadtrip Restaurant Guide
There have been many times when my friends and I have been in the car driving for long periods of time such as to Vermont (from CT) or to the beach in RI and wanted to stop and get dinner someplace delicious. It is very hard to just look up restaurants near you and then try to figure out how far they are from you. What I'm picturing is putting your destination and having restaurants pop up on your route!

NOTE: No stealing my idea please! OR if you know of an app like this please let me know!

I hope that you all take the time to go download my favorite apps on the iPhone that I know most of you have and let me know if you think they're as awesome as I think they are!

Also, if you're interested in creating an app yourself check out this awesome website that will let you create an app for free


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I know an app that is like a restaurant road trip guide! My family always uses it when we are in an unfamiliar area to find restaurants or any other type of business we might be looking for. Its called "Yelp" and heres the link to their site! You can download the app there or from the App store on your phone. I hope it helps you!

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