The Struggle of Being a Lady

There are a lot of good things about having a female body.  For example, you get to wear pretty dresses, and smell like flowers all the time.  However, sometimes it seems that the downsides of being a lady may outweigh the positives.  Having to wear make-up, flatirons, manicures, shaving, and waxing are just a few.  However, I think most girls will agree that the time where you wish you were a man the most occurs when Mother Nature pays her monthly visit.  Now I know guys don't enjoy reading about the natural parts of a female's body so I wont get into detail. But the worst part of these visitors are the cramps they bring along. 


So what can help to cure these torturous cramps when you're on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night?  Of course there's drugs you can take such as Midol and sometimes Advil.  You can also warm up a heating pad or try rubbing Biofreeze or IcyHot over the areas where you experience pain, whether it's your back, neck, or stomach.  Although these creams or heating pads will not make the pain go away, they will alleviate the pain and make you less conscious of it. 

Another helpful activity that can help get rid of the pain (and ladies you will love to hear about this) is eating!  Huffington Post came up with a list of foods that will naturally help your pains go away.  And this wonderful list does include chocolate!  It also gives a list of foods and drinks to avoid such as caffeine because it can increase tension and anxiety levels.  

Once you're all full on foods, try hitting the gym.  I don't mean like bootcamp or washboard abs type of exercises though.  According to WebMD the Magazine the best type of exercises to lessen menstrual cramps are aerobic exercises.  The article suggests walking, bicycling, or ice skating if the weather permits.

So next time you get a visitor (or for the guys, if your girlfriends are being difficult) try one of these tips and see if being a lady is a little less painful.


I always get the worst cramps but not for long thankfully. And, if I ever get them in my back my friend taught me a few tricks I thought I might share! One is laying on your back with your legs up on a wall, and another is laying on your stomach with your arms flat and having someone sit on your butt! I don't generally get back cramps but my friend says these work for her! However, I found some others online that might help some of you ladies that suffer from this stuff.

Like Megan said, I always get the worst cramps. I can try and take midol, or advil and nothing ever works for me. Its usually a day laying in bed wishing the pain that feels like someone ripping out my ovaries would just go away. i finally went to the doctor for this and I learned that the worst thing you could do when you have cramps is to drink caffeine. Coffee and soda couldn't be any worse for you when you are suffering from cramps! Here are a few other tthings to help you avoid cramps.

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