The science of heartbreak


People everywhere are dealing with what many of us women consider the worst pain bearable: a broken heart. Whether it's after a month or years of dating your significant other, I don't believe dealing with a break up ever becomes easier. In a "kind of" current heartbreak myself, (I'm sure we will be back together in a week), I thought I would research the effects.  Are we really that dramatic? Or is a break up actually detrimental to your health?

According to Women's Health Magazine we may not be that dramatic after all. "A study by The American Journal of Cardiology observed 70 patients with "broken heart syndrome" (otherwise known as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy) and found their symptoms mimicked those of a heart attack - shortness of breath, chest pain and a huge surge of stress hormones" says Women's Health. 

Well, the fact the there is a "broken heart syndrome" does make me feel a little better. And after checking Facebook and seeing a changed relationship status to "single," I can definitely feel my "heart attack" taking over. (Social media is nothing but trouble!) 
The good thing is usually after a couple days of denial and very little sleep, we find ourselves coming to terms that this real life and maybe it's for the better. 

"A 2007 study conducted at University College London found that people in unsupportive and stressful relationships had a 34 per cent higher chance of having future heart problems compared to those in happy couplings," says Women's Health. You can check out the different stages us broken-hearted feel from the first day of a break-up till a year later on the Women's Health site!

If you did feel the relationship was right and completely meant to be: My advice is to give it time. If there is one thing my Mother has taught me it is that "what is meant to be will happen," and I strongly believe in that. 

In the meantime, here is an article from the world of psychology on seven tips for getting over a break up: Help Is Right Here.  Sadly not on that list is one of my favorite things (also perfect for a night you're feeling down): a glass of wine. It's actually great for the heart! (Check out the link!)


Cheers to the newly single and science!


So sorry to hear that you and your boyfriend broke up. It's crazy to think that there's science behind even the most emotional of things. I guess that makes sense because every girl seems to feel the exact same way when a break up occurs. Psychology Today had some pretty interesting information on breakups. If you want some more info on the topic, check it out!

This is so sad! I can believe that heartbreaks affect our health! I did a journal entry on laughing and that has many effects on the body as well. I think our emotions and our brains work together to make us feel amazing or like crap. No matter what your going through, your emotions can effect your body for a short or a long time. I'm sure that laughter can help cure a heartbreak (or chocolate...definitely chocolate) along with many other things! When I was reading this, I remembered a video I watched about a man who wrote a song for his wife that he had just lost after 75 years of marriage. Talk about heartbreak! it's heartbreaking, I recommend watching it for a good cry. Also here's how laughing effects you!

Extremely interesting and a bit heartbreaking to hear about how heartbreak is actually a syndrome! I would think that it would be all based upon your personality and such, but wow! Check out this site on dealing with heartbreak the correct way:

It's amazing how the human body physically reacts to emotions. I have to admit, I had no idea that heartbreak could produce side effects similar to that of a heart attack! I think it's important to understand the science behind commonplace emotions like these because it can ultimately help you cope with the changes your body experiences during these times. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there's a lot of interesting science behind love as well:

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