The Prettiest People Do The Ugliest Things


smokes-meth-and-is-gorgeous.jpgJessie Pinkman.jpgIf I would have to guess, I'd say 90% of you know what character this is, or at least what show he is from. That's right, I'm going to be that girl who blogs about Breaking Bad. In my opinion, Breaking Bad is one of the most popular/best televison shows ever to be aired on television. There's action, adventure, sex, drugs, & comedy, what else can you possibly ask for?! But, nothing is perfect and everything has flaws, even Breaking Bad. 

                                                       One huge misconception that kinda grinds my gears about Br Ba is the realness of drug addiction, or lack of it rather. In the show there are several scenes of Jesse Pinkman (the guy in the pictures) smoking meth. Look at the man, he's beautiful, but yet he smokes meth. I feel like this is a horrible influence on the younger audiences watching the TV show because they might think, "Oh I can smoke meth a few times too and it won't effect me at all either", that's not the case. Even with smoking meth a few times it could start the "meth mouth" process, which is the least of a meth smoker's problems. When I watched Br Ba with my mom she didn't take the show as seriously when she saw Jesse smoking meth but had the most perfect, white teeth. My point is, drugs are not sexy or glamorous like they are cracked up to be on television and in movies. You may not see a difference in yourself physically or mentally right away, but it will catch up to you eventually and when it does there is no turning back. Drug addicts can stop using and stop putting new chemicals in their bodies, yeah, but they can't take back what they've already done. Besides the fact that Jesse smokes meth and has beautiful teeth, Breaking Bad puts out a real, harsh and true message and that is drugs ruin everything. Drugs change the person you are, take over your mind, and basically own you. I've seen real people and real lives go up in flames multiple times and it's the scariest thing to ever witness, espesically when you knew them before the drugs.

Anyway, on a lighter note, Breaking Bad is absolutely amazing and if there's anyone who hasn't tried watching it yet I would highly recommend doing so. It really is all it's hyped up to be. All of the seasons and episodes that were ever aired on TV are on instant watch on Netflix! Thanks for reading! :)


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I think your post brings up a really good point, not with drugs but with a lot of other issues that Hollywood and TV misrepresent. There are actors that are in their mid-twenties and they are playing characters that are suppose to be in high school. Not only are the people unrealistic, but some of the conflict and plots those characters go through aren't exactly things people would normally go through. Obviously the TV show's main purpose is to be entertaining and most people know that things aren't always realistic, However, there are some people who, for example, would watch Breaking Bad and see the characters smoke meth and not suffer, so they think to themselves if they smoke meth they won't suffer either. Hollywood has a tendency to glamorize things like drugs and alcohol and there are people who get fooled by it. The link below has eight reasons as to why teens try drugs. Check out number two, it's pretty clear that TV shows have a very strong influence on our society!

Definitely! Thanks for commenting and sharing.

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