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One thing most people fear with growing is old is that first gray hair as a sign of old age. Although some people embrace it others dread it. But what causes our hair which only changes color naturally three times in our lives to turn gray? The usual myth is that its stress that turns our hair gray as we become increasing in age but that has been proven wrong.  Hair follicles actually end up producing less color as a person ages where the average age of where hair starts turning gray is 35. There are some diseases that can cause hair to start turning gray which include Vitamin B12 deficiency, Neurofibromatosis, Thyroid disease, Tuberous sclerosis, Vitiligo, Alopecia areata and many more. Often it has to do with cells at the base of the hair follicles that start turning the hair gray. Another factor to attribute whether or not someone is going to have gray hair or when their hair is going to turn gray is their genes. People inherit certain genes that cause gray hair to produce at a younger age for example American Idol winner Taylor Hicks.


 Although getting gray hairs may be one thing that people dread the most in the world stressing over it could only cause someone to get them quicker.


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Wow, that's really weird, because when I pulled out my first gray hair I thought it was because I was over stressing about work and school going together. But reading this article I guess some people just genetically get gray hairs faster than others. Unless I have Thyroid Disease or Tuberous sclerosis. I wont be as depressed anymore when gray hairs pop out everywhere.

Whoever else has gray hairs, just read these jokes and laugh it off

My mom started getting gray hair in her 20s and my dad in his 40s. Hopefully that doesn't mean my hair will turn gray anytime soon! I think it's interesting when you hear about someone being so stressed that they "go gray"--I'm a little skeptical about the idea of stress having so much of a biological effect to the point of changing someone's hair color. Here's another article explaining that genetics have a lot to do with it:

As a student leader, one of my major concerns has always been growing gray hairs at a young age. Being so involved on campus with a host of organizations and not too mention school work, one could only think that the stress us inevitable. I personally think that I am way too young to be thinking about gray hair let alone growing it. Here is a article that I found about stress and gray hairs.

I have never really worried about getting gray hairs until I saw this post and remembered that it's possible. The thing I'm more worried about is becoming bald. I already have a receding hairline and it would be traumatic for me to go bald. My hope is to not go bald because according to my mom my family doesn't have a history to go bald. So my hope is that genetics play a part in hair loss as well as hair turning gray.

I have always known the inevitable gray hair was coming. Scary to think we are getting old and moving out of our prime. Injuries and soreness of being an adult will be no fun. Even though I am worried about getting gray hair I am even more worried about losing my hair.

I'm sure there are a lot of different reasons as to why people get grey hair earlier or later in life. How exactly would you be able to find out if it is in your genes? Is it really worth knowing? Could other factors such as stress, the effect of certain medications, or non maintained hair also be the causes of it? A lot of people are uncomfortable with gray hair...but should we really be embarrassed? Here is a link for reasons as to go grey.

I know multiple people who starting growing gray hairs in high school. There's no doubt in my mind that people have a destiny when it comes to gray hair. I think its possible for stressful events to impact this slightly, but i believe it comes down to what your hair wants. Scary thought...

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