The future with 3D Printers

Imagine a world where you didn't have to go to Auto Zone to get a spare part for your car or Home Depo to get a nail for your lofted bed.  While it may seem impossible the entire world of manufacturing is about to be turned on its head.  3D printers are the future of what seems to be a far less expensive world.  A world where all you need is the computer code to a certain part and a printer can construct it for you out of thin air.  While this may seem fair off its not because these printers are already for sale to the public.  3D Systems has already rolled out a new printer which while not cheap will solve almost everyones problems.  Do you want a nail? or a Screw?  just enter the computer code for those products and the printer and create them using a custom laser jet that will cut the material you want into the custom part you desire.  This is also an investment that I see exploding on the market and finishing 2013 up 10%.  Just be ready for a world in 15 years that you will be able to craft a custom part to fit your needs without having to go to the hardware store.  Just enter the code and there it is. 3D printers are the future.ORDbot_quantum.jpg


The issue I have with the idea of 3D printers being the "future" is that while you can have a 3D printer, the actual materials needed to print something are expensive. On top of this, the size of what you can print quite literally is dependent on the size of your printer. Until scientists invent something that can take on multiple properties and change into multiple forms that is affordable for everyday use, I don't think the 3D printer craze will be massively commercial for a long time.

I actually read about 3-D printers in another article where people were able to print gun parts off these things. So in the beginning I thought that it was a bit dangerous. But I guess with this post talking about how they could just help with every day needs as well, I could see how they could be the future of technology as well. I actually want to see these printers happen and be widely manufactured to the public for use. Who knows, maybe they can print food as well. I love food.....

Click this link to watch a documentary of a 3-D printer printing gun parts..

The idea of the 3D printer is awesome. It really is going to be exploding soon on the market (even if the first ones will be insanely expensive. Although we will have to see if there will be limits on what we can print cause I know I have heard talks and concerns over the idea that you could print guns off of it. Still 3D printing is going to be huge soon.

At first I thought this blog was in no way possible. It seems like an invention straight out of a crappy SyFy movie. Seeing that there is credibility really caught my attention. This would definitely be a life-changing invention even if it only saved us each a trip to hardware store. If this invention enters the corporate world i wonder how much something like this would cost.

Household use of 3D printers, like you said, will be very beneficial.The main concern I have with it is how it would affect the many systems we have already. In the sense that how it would affect businesses, the economy,the job market and even gun safety regulations in the U.S. Making usage of 3D printers ubiquitous in the U.S will definitely require huge systematic overhaul.

I remember hearing about this a while back from my roommate. It seemed too good to be true but after researching it for a bit and comprehending the reality of the matter I have to admit that I was once again amazed by humanity and our amazing capacity for invention. Still, even-though I can definitely see how this could be a useful invention, what worries me is how this could affect our social interactions. I feel like we are starting to run out of reasons to leave home at all.

This is a really interesting topic I heard about this summer as I was taking summer classes. This girl in my speech class talked about the great features and innovations 3D printers could bring to us but also the down side to these machines. 3 dimensional printers will make printing drugs as easy as ever. Although this may revolutionize the medicine industry it may also change the illegal drug industry as well. If a drug cartel or dealer got a hold of one of these machines the possibilities would be endless in how many drugs they could produce and sell. One other interesting thing I read">">read was that 3d printers could help print body parts which would revolutionize the medical field as a whole. The chemistry behind this new technology is extraordinary and should be deemed the tool of our time.


So is this what a 3d printer can do? I have heard the name before but never knew what it actually did. I am now starting to understand how my parents felt with the recent explosion of technology. I feel like technology is rapidly changing and improving at an unprecedented rate. It is almost scary to imagine what a world in 30 years might be like(I think I just found a topic for a blog post). I can just imagine it now; telling my grandchildren how I actually had to leave the house to get a nail or screw that might be a 20 minute drive away. My only question is: Can 3d printers make money?

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