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I am taking SC 200 for a couple reasons the first of which is that I am not going to be a science major but instead I am going into business. Second off because it will fulfill gen ed requirements for me and last of all I heard the teacher was very entertaining.Which I would have to say Dr. Read has not let his reputation down.

If you were wondering why I am not going into a science related major I have a few reasons. I do enjoy learning about all the different animals and how things interact, which is why so far this class has held my attention. But I do not like learning about the different rocks in the earth or why they are different and I especially did not enjoy physics. That is why I chose to pursue business over a science related field.


I think that this is a very honest answer. I can relate to the last part because I enjoy science, however, I don't care for all the details of it. Also, I am a Hospitality Management major which is a business major.

Who is the Dr Read guy? Is that Andrew?

I'm a business school drop out but I got very involved last year in business related extra-ciricculars. I joined one of 5 business fraternities but you should check out getting involved one way or another so applying for a job will be easier.

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