The Expanding Spacetime Theory - Part 1

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For whatever reason, there has always been something positively magnetizing to me about space and the universe as a whole. I've always been the type of person who searches for the logical explanation in any situation, and often times in the universe there is simply no logical explanation to questions that we pose.

First, let me clarify - by "logical," I simply mean having an explanation firmly rooted in science.

In my opinion, the most stupefying concept in all of astrology and cosmology in this regard is The Expanding Spacetime Theory. For anyone unfamiliar with the theory, it - in a nutshell - is a description of the way in which the estimated 150 billion galaxies in the universe are gradually drifting apart from one-another. That idea in itself is easy enough to master. It is the consequences of these movements, however, that are truly confounding.

If the galaxies are moving away from each other in an outward direction toward the edges of the known universe, what exactly is the universe then expanding into?

Science thus far has provided two plausible explanations, the latter of which I'll address in my next blog post.

The first is that the universe is infinitely large, and thus is simply expanding into nothing. If the universe is infinite in size to begin with, the laws of physics dictate that it can get no larger and can only continue to stretch into infinity.

But what if there are finite boundaries to our universe....

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I also am very interested in how our universe works. It is quite mind blowing to even think of what is beyond our universe. It is sad to know how little we actually know about our own universe. It was only 500 years ago we still thought the world was flat and that we were the center of the universe. It is only the beginning of our true understanding of the world. I know this sounds outrageous, but a part of me always believed this one theory; That the nucleus of an atom on our finger for example, could be the size of our universe, and every universe is the nucleus of an atom. Doesn't that make you feel small and insignificant! Thats an interesting video on the possibility of multi universes. Whats so humbling is that everything is just theory, until we somehow manage to explore the massive universe, something we may never be able to achieve.

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