The Celeb We Love to Hate

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Two words and I will have a reaction- Kim Kardashian. Do you like her or do you hate her? I personally love to dislike her.

Kim Kardashian has been such a successful story going from being the daughter of a wealthy lawyer, to organizing Paris Hilton's closet to now having million of dollars and Twitter followers. She kind of came from the "bottom" (but not really because she was already rich according to this article) and now she's here- on our TVs, magazines, timelines, clothing stores, make-up ads, movie trailers, everywhere!

We all know she came about because of her famous sex tape with Ray J, but she was already in the Hollywood scene even before we knew her. It's not like she just all of a sudden one day turned up but a lot of us do not get how she is famous.

If my name got out there because I did what she did, I would be so embarrassed and my family would be very upset. But her family cashed in on it and now they are, I would say the most famous family in America! But how did she blow up from rolling around in a bed with her boyfriend? Because he didn't. He is no bigger now than he was then.

Well, it is people love to watch because according to the E! Network's President "people aspire to be them or to befriend them." So does this mean that we watch her show because we want to be whiny brats with the ugliest cry face known to man kind? Or because we want to be her when she is on that yacht in the beautiful blue seas in Greece?

I think we watch because we like to live vicariously through her. I personally watch because I love to dislike her. I love to see her life play out on my TV, but I dislike her because here I am, a broke college girl who wishes she could afford those awesome eyelash extensions she has, or those red bottom Louboutin's. 

However, it makes me so mad that there are people who work hard, go to college, invest their life saving into a business, leave their families behind in hopes of becoming someone well known and rich and they can't. Yet, this girl just gets a show handed to her after a hefty $5 million dollar offer for her sex tape. Then come the sponsors, extended TV seasons, the chance to start a clothing line, etc. And now she is the most well known celebrity in the US.

An article shows that people petitioned to ban her show in 2011 because they were sick of her, but even if that were ever an option, it wouldn't take away any of her fame or fortune. She is already a house hold name and I do not see her fizzling out like some other celebrities. She is here to stay whether we like it or not. So should we keep turning in every Sunday night to watch her adventures? Should we keep following her on Instagram to see her post pictures from 2006 when she was actually hot? Or should be stop wearing her make up to boycott her business? I doubt any of those things would have any real effect.

There is no stopping the millionaire anytime soon sadly. I can't stand her, but I can't help contribute to her success. How do we stop this? Maybe we should just all take notes and bank on a small opportunity because look at the girl, she has so much money now it is ridiculous.





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Palmira I found your post really interesting because I actually wrote a paper on Kim for my writing class last year at my previous school. We were reading the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (which I recommend to anyone and everyone because its absolutely amazing) and I could go on forever about the book but it basically explains that successful people are successful in life not because of hard work and determination but because of the circumstances they were born into and chance. Our assignment for our final paper in this writing class was to pick someone successful and prove that their success can in fact be explained by their circumstances or chance. Kim did bank on an opportunity, in fact she banked on many opportunities she was given and it was the specific series of her opportunities and chances that have got her where she is today. I really recommend reading outliers it's probably the best book I was ever required to read for school. It opens up a lot of great discussions and really changes your outlook of success. Heres a link to Gladwell's website and the Outliers page

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