The Big M word...


So you're probably thinking in you head 'what the heck is she talking about?' 'What the heck is the big M word?'... with the fact that I'm posting this on a Sunday night, you could probably guess the big M word is (yes, you got it right) Mondays. 

We know we all hate Mondays, but do we ever wonder why? Just the besides the fact that they come right after weekends, Mondays have done nothing wrong to us. But why do we hate them so much? 

The researchers from Journal of Positive Psychology did a survey on 340,000 people; and  Arthur Stone, a professor at Stony Brook University, analyzed this data and concluded that "Mondays aren't especially horrible according to people's reported moods on that day compared to other days, but are focused on -- and thus, made out to be more intolerable -- due to their juxtaposition with the weekend. When something not-so-fun happens directly next to something fun -- in the case of Sundays and Mondays, being able to do whatever you want compared to having to work -- that only enhances how much or little fun something is. Ever watch a really good television show right before a really bad one? Same concept." (Science Finds That People Hate Most Workdays, Not Just Mondays. Thanks, Science)

The researchers also found that people also hate the weekdays, other than Mondays, equally, if they're workdays. This fact indicates that people hate working, not just the Mondays. To prove the hypothesis better, the researchers also found that people are in better moods on Fridays and weekends, on which they don't have work to do, the article Science Proves It - We Just Don't Like Mondays says. This article has another interesting fact; when the researchers surveyed older or retired people, they don't hate Mondays. They like Mondays as much as they like the other weekdays and weekends! And yet again, they don't have work to go to, or school for that matter. 

So, don't be hating on Mondays just because you have to go to work or school. Blame it all on work and school!

After all, Have a great Monday and fantastic week guys! 



This is pretty interesting. I used to never hate mondays until high school, probably because everyone would always complain about how terrible they are. Now I cannot stand them! They are pretty terrible though, because you're so relaxed and just getting used to the weekend not having work or school... Then boom, its 6:00 on monday and it's time to get going... I don't know about you, but I am usually not a morning person unless I have to. I guess college really did that to me, because I used to have no problem waking up at 8 in the morning, now I can barely make it to my 10 am classes which is just pretty pathetic if you think about it. I do think you're right though! If everyone said Tuesday is the worst day of the week, and everyone constantly complained about it, I believe that everyone would hate the T word even more. There are shirts, tumblrs, blogs, facebooks, books, that all are titled and based on how much people hate mondays:

Being that it is now officially a Monday, I found interest in your post. I've spent the morning trying to wake up before 10AM (not successful) and trying to catch up on all the work i should have done this weekend, so Mondays are definitely not a favorite of mine. I do agree that it is not the actual day of Monday, but the concept of it. We spend the weekend hanging out with our friends and pushing all the work we have to do to the back of our minds. Then, once Monday hits, we become frantic and stressed about all the work that we should've done over the weekend. Atleast thats the way I am feeling today. Here is an article that has some tips on some ways to beat the Monday blues if you're having the same problem!

I love this! Being that today is Monday, there is really no better time to read this post! I have been interested in this sort of research and have actually done some before on my own. I actually loathe Mondays more than anything in the world! No matter how late I have class on Monday, it is ALWAYS a struggle. I agree with Allison that Monday is a concept. The first day of the week is always going to be the hardest, there's no getting around that. But we should also realize that a lot of really good things happen on Monday's too. I love this quote, I keep it in my planner and read it on Monday's when I'm feeling down!

Mondays usually are not too bad for me. My worst days are probably Tuesdays and Sundays, actually. Tuesdays I have the least amount of free time, and I am always more tired on Tuesdays. Sundays I hate because I usually spend a good majority of time doing my homework, cleaning, and laundry. So pretty much Sundays are designated to all the work I failed to do throughout the weekend. It starts reality. If you are a person who hates Monday's below is a link that suggests ways to make your Mondays or even any dreaded day of the week a little better.

I agree with most of the people on this comment thread. Mondays are hard. And for me, they always will be! Especially coming off a great football weekend where I'm sure we can all agree that the amount of sleep we got was very minimal. This morning I had work at 6:30, and man was it a tough day. Staying awake in class proved to be impossible and it is now 9:45 and i'm planning to go to bed as soon as i'm done this post. But really, why do people dread mondays so much? I always assumed it was because it is the beginning of the week, and none of us are prepared for the work load thats about to be dumped on us. Or at least, thats how I feel! Here is a good article on how to overcome your monday hatred, and begin to love it!

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