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I have been seeing a lot of posts concerning the topic of technology use. I decided to take a look at some of its impacts on us. We now live in a world that is constantly overwhelmed with technology.  While revolutionary advancements in our knowledge have brought to us good things, these developments can have negative implications on society. An underlying issue of the twenty-first century is whether society is in charge of its technology, or whether technology is in control. 

Just think about your everyday life.  How often do your needs rely on technological devices? We all tell ourselves, "I'm not that person who is addicted to Facebook, or who can't put my phone down." But in reality, you are that person.  Speaking for myself, I have found that putting down my phone is easier said than done.  My cell phone becomes a vital part of my activities from the minute I wake up to the time I fall asleep.  This makes me think, at what instance does technological reliance cause social harm?

In an article focusing on this subject, Tom Mahon, a contributing editor to the National Catholic Reporter, stresses his views. He states, "There is no future for a civilization that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." He also argues that innovations such as the Internet and cell phones have contributed to a society skilled in processing data, but ill-informed of the world around them.

Our modern civilization has become so reliant on the ease and convenience of technology we sometimes fail to notice its damaging effects. The fact is technology will not cease to exist in this lifetime. We as a society just need to learn better ways of managing our obsessive use of technological devices. What are your thoughts on how technology use has effected us?




In a typical day, almost everyone I see has a phone in their hand and is completely absorbed in it. It's a wonder that we can still look at the world around us with our own eyes and not just through the camera on our smart phones. With the new ios7 update being released people are even more obsessed with their phones since it's almost like having a brand new phone. With constant updates and phone releases it's hard to not think about the world around us and not think about the iPhone 5c being released in the coming months. If people put the phones down and took a look around where they are, I bet they could learn a lot! If you're interested in learning more about how smart phones are changing the world we live in, check out this article from TIME!

Good article. I definitely am one of those people physically attached to their phone 24/7. I agree with Mahon on the fact that our generation doesn't understand the value of certain things, but I certainly don't believe technology will be our downfall. I feel it has connected us ways that would be impossible without the help of social media and the internet in general. Technology absorbs a lot of the world's time, but I don't necessarily think it's for naught.

This is a unique blog trying to use internet for much more powerful causes than tweeting hashtags.

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