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I'm Janae Tobia and I'm a sophomore pursuing a double major. I'm from a small town in Jersey, about 15 minutes from New York City and an hour from the Jersey Shore (best of both worlds). Science is not my "thing", but I heard from my advisors that this class is quite bearable for us non-science majors. Plus, Andrew's accent has pretty much got the attendance portion of my grade covered. 

SC200: My last GN. All the years spent dissecting eyeballs and pronouncing words with eight syllables, drowning in oversized lab coats and squeezing on skin-tight goggles, are finally coming to an end. I am on my final lap. Although I enjoyed science growing up, and actually did quite well in it, there was a hobby I enjoyed much more: talking. I love to talk.  I love to debate and converse and verbalize my ideas. I love to challenge the thoughts of others, and I live for the feeling of others challenging me. With that being said, science immediately plummeted to the bottom of my "potential majors" list. I'm too much of a people's person to be trapped in a laboratory mixing chemicals or staring at a wall until one of my colleagues makes a ground-breaking discovery and leaves the rest of us dry. Instead, I decided to go into Broadcast Journalism, a major with not as promising of a future at the start, but with endless opportunities to TALK! I also decided to pursue a second major in Psychology, which involves (more interesting) branches of science. Nonetheless, after reading the SC200 schedule, I'm quite curious to see what will take place within the next few weeks. I'm all in.

The real, not so sophisticated, me: 



Nice title. I feel you. I feel the exact same way, I love to talk too, so we'll definitely get along once I meet you (hehe). You also have the cutest dog ever & I like Andrew's accent too. We have so much in common! Okay, follow me on instagram

Oh hey Janae... I'm glad I'm not the only one who will be attending this class because of Andrew's accent. Science was never my thing either but I'm glad you've done well in science classes before so you can help me this semester. Feel free to follow me on instagram,, even though you probably already do. See you around 230!

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