Surviving without a phone: Is it really possible?

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Tragedy struck at 9:15 am on September the 3rd, Tuesday. I was late to class while run-walking to it, I tripped over a large chunk of air and fell, causing my dear, sweet HTC One (may its soul rest in peace) to fly out of my hand and hit the pavement. I scrambled to my feet and ignored the blood dripping down my (imaginary) wounds as I rushed to make sure my phone was alright. Unfortunately, however, my phone was no longer. The screen was shattered and ended up looking like this: 
Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 1.35.07 AM.png
At first I thought, 'Well that doesn't look too bad!' and it wasn't! I went through the day and my phone worked fine. Halfway through the day though, my screen refused to turn on. I restarted it a dozen times, frantically holding down the 'off' button as my heart pounded and sweat beaded on my forehead. It was around 4 pm that I finally pronounced my phone dead. I howled in pain and fell to my knees (not really, I just sighed and pushed it back into my pocket - that was me in denial, the first of the five stages of grief). 

Eight hours later, I think I'm in the acceptance phase. Having already Skyped my closest friends, parents and my new BFF (the HTC helpline attendant) I have come to realize there are worse things that could have happened. I could have (heaven forbid) broken my laptop! 

It's still painful, of course, but I'm learning to live without a phone. And although I've been in touch with my friends through Facebook all day, not having a phone to check at ten minute intervals is harder than I'd imagined. There's a weird feeling of isolation that goes with not having a phone. In fact, on a short trip to the convenience store I realized just how inconvenient it is! I could no longer avoid awkward eye contact with strangers by whipping out my phone and replying to an imaginary text. On my run I was annoyed at not having my special running music to listen to. On the whole, my life is much worse without my trusty smartphone. And until I have another in my hand, I will no longer be able to see colours and life will continue to be duller,  but in the meanwhile, this article helps me delude myself into thinking I don't really miss my phone!


PS: Apart from being absolutely phone-obsessed, I am a sophomore majoring in Business Management at Smeal and I am originally from India. 

1 Comment

Cara, I can definitely understand your pain. This spring my HTC one also tumbled to its demise. Luckily, my phone was a trouper and held on for a couple more months with a broken screen. However, I might suggest a repair? I wish you luck in your phone-less future otherwise...

Best, Lauren

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