So Ready to be Done With Science

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Hi! My name is Maddie Klebe. I'm a junior at Penn State and I am a visual communications major. I love photography and my dream job is to be a professional photographer, but I also love writing and am super interested in the journalism classes I've been taking. So I'm taking this class because my adviser said it's perfect for comm majors who hate science, which I do. There are definitely situations where I think it can be cool and interesting, but I just always have been so horrible at science and math and try to avoid both of those subjects at all costs.
Last semester I thought I was taking my final science class of college, until I realized I still had to take a half credit. Just one half, because I had opted out of a lab one semester. So the fact that I had to take another whole class because of that drove me nuts, and it's safe to say I am very excited to have science classes out of my life after this semester.
As much as I hate science, I have an open mind about this class and I think as far as science classes go this one will be more than bearable, especially since I enjoy writing and we will be doing a lot of blogs. I'm looking forward to reading other people's posts, and if anyone has any interest in photography feel free to check out my Flickr page!

1 Comment

Wow did you really take all of those pictures on your flickr? If you did you should seriously sell them to people, I would definitely pay money to have any of those framed in my house. This one is my favorite:

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