Sneeze and Shout and Let it All Out


You're sitting in Forum building on exam day, hundreds of other students quietly working on their exams around you. Douchebag luck, you feel a sneeze coming on. You do every thing in your power to thwart this sneeze- rubbing your nose, breathing a little differently... Unlucky you, after many valiant attempts to get rid of this oncoming sneeze, it persists and in less than a few moments, you're going to be the person who breaks the silence with some loud, obnoxious sneeze. You have no tissues to blow your nose with after and you're dreading the impending disaster sneeze from hell. At the last second, you make the smart decision to hold in your sneeze so as not to 1) interrupt the silence and 2) make a huge snotty mess.  Ew.

Wake up call folks -- according to WebMDsneezes travel at about 100 miles an hour. Holding something so forceful in, could practically blast your brains out. Seriously. An article released by Live Science reports that, "A violent sneeze by someone who had sinus surgery can push air into the space around the eye and cause it to bulge, or push air into the brain cavity and cause an intense headache or even stroke."  

It's up to you. If you don't care about running the risk of having a STROKE over a sneeze, by all means, continue holding your sneezes in. Just don't be surprised if instead of walking out of your classroom, you're being carried out on a stretcher or, even worse, this happens.


Trust me. Just let it out. This girl didn't and I bet she regrets it!




I like the different view on holding in a sneeze. What is the anatomy behind this though? I would never imagine not sneezing being so dangerous, but I do understand the sinuses part. Once I did hold in a sneeze and end up getting a headache afterwards for about an hour. Just let it out! Heres an article that I found about the topic:

When I was a kid, one of my fiends told me that holding in my sneezes makes my heart skip a beat and kills brain cells. Ever since then, I would refuse to hold my sneezes in and would just let them come out. It's crazy how sneezes can be harmful, but I'm not totally surprised by it. When I'm sick, and have major headaches, my sneezes tend to hurt a lot more. It often feels like something is about to explode in my head or something.

Here's an article that I found by, that explains how holding in sneezes can be unsafe:

Jesse, until I started doing research for this blog post, I didn't realize how forceful something as common as a sneeze is. I'm not quite sure I understand your question though. Do you want to know what the anatomy is behind not holding your sneezes in? There isn't much to it. Like you said, just let it out!

Great article, Tajh! I'm glad you found it as interesting as I did because that's one of the same articles I already posted in this blog post. Funny how that works, isn't it?

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