Smoothies and Juicing, how healthy are they?

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Smoothies have become a new craze, not only among gym rats but basically everyone. The craze started when people, especially women wanted a treat that was healthier than Ice Cream or Frozen yogurt. A smoothie is fruit, which means it's healthy right? Unfortunately, this is false. Although you think all that fruit is healthy, it turns out that it's more sugar than you would probably expect. For those of you who don't know, most smoothies are made from fruit, yogurt and juice. Sounds healthy right? Yeah, I thought so too! After researching the topic, I found an article that changed my mind about smoothies.

Like many other college students, I sometimes have a hard time finding a good time to eat meals when I'm on a busy schedule....which is always. Living in an apartment makes the situation even harder. When you can no longer walk five feet to a dining hall you have to cook on your own (it's a horrible thing).  I started making my own smoothies at home, especially when I had fruit that was starting to get too ripe. I usually use fruit, both frozen and fresh, a light and fit yogurt, and half a teaspoon of peanut butter for some protein. This keeps me full for a good amount of time, and tastes delicious. This article explains that smoothies, especially the kind you can order at restaurants, are actually not good for you at all. They contain a TON of sugar, coming from the fructose juices that are being used to make the smoothies. It's important to check up on the nutritional content in smoothies before getting addicted! Fruit contains sugar, which in moderation is not bad, but too much can be bad news.

The same idea comes into play with juicing. I am sure many of you have heard of this new craze. juicing is the process of extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables and creating a smoothie. This is a great way to enjoy veggies if you don't like the taste of them alone. Dr. Oz does a lot of studies about juicing, and the benefits it has on people, which is how I learned about it. Researchers are finding that juicing takes fiber out of the veggies as well, which is extremely important to a diet. If you buy a more expensive juicer, it will obviously do a better job of extracting all of the important nutrients for you. It is just important to be informed about what you are eating, or in this case, drinking. There are many smoothie and juicing crazes these days and it's just super important to be sure you are getting the proper nutrients, as well as the right kinds! 

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Kaitlin, Great post! My roommate and I were talking about juicing the other day and literally how expensive it can be over time. This article says a quality juicer (like you were talking about) can cost up to $800...would that be worth it to you?

Also, aside from a diet of too much fruit, fruit actually helps a lot of main components in the body and are very helpful to prevent illnesses. What would lives be like with no fruit? Heres an article that shows the benefits!

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