Smelly armpits or am I going to get cancer?

Recent speculation has made me question if the chemicals in deodorant can cause cancer. After hearing about this once, I usually go to purchase the natural stuff, but it doesnt seem to work as well. I figured I would do a blog post, because well, I know (hope) everyone uses deodorant! 
I came across some interesting facts about this topic. According to the National Cancer Institute, this data isnt true.
Some scientists have speculated that deodorants contain chemicals that lead to breast cancer. 1) they are applied close and regularly to that area, 2) nicks from shaving allow chemicals to enter the body in that area. 
However, researchers at the National Cancer Institute and even the American Cancer Society have not found significant data or correlations proving this so.
What scientists DO know is that aluminum based products, such as the active ingredients in  antiperspirants, which are applied frequently and left on areas near the breast, can be absorbed into the skin. When this happens, estrogen-like hormonal effects are caused. estrogen has the ability to promote the growth of breast cancer cells. This is why it is suggested that aluminum-based products have led to cancer. 
Other researchers have focused on parabens found in antiperspirants. In 2004, a study found small traces of parabens in breast cancer tumors. This did not show that parabens were contributing factors to the cancer or that they were the cause. Their presence was unclear in the study. Parabens are also found in many other products, such as shampoo and lotion, so the direct cause from deodorant was not found. 
It is a scary thought to think that daily used items could cause cancer, but this research cleared up the haze of what was true and what was rumor. I'm still going to use my natural products, such as Tom's, because it is chemical free. 
Better to be safe than sorry, and with a risk such as breast cancer, I would rather be safe.
October is breast cancer awareness month, so get informed!



Completely agree with you to be better safe than sorry! I wonder how long it will take, though, for deodorant to cause cancer if people continue to use the aluminum products? This sparked a question of what other beauty products (women use everyday) could potentially cause cancer? I found this this! But, again, how long do we have to use them until there are signs of illness? What are alternatives to the make up and products we use everyday?

This is a really interesting blog because I have never heard of deodorant causing cancer-- maybe I need to watch the news more often. Cancer is such a scary and heart-racing topic to talk about. I never really take the time to analyze the things I do in my daily routine, like apply deodorant, could potentially cause something life-threatening at some point in my life. I'm glad you wrote about this though because it inspired me to do some of my own research. Similarly to Alexa, I found this really informative article called "Chemicals in Cosmetics," which lists the most commonly found chemicals in a variety of frequently used products such as fragrances, lipstick and shampoo. I thought it was pretty interesting!

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