Sleeping is the Best Diet

Coming back to college can be tough on your weight with all the stress, drinking, and  the fact that your mom isn't there to make you eat veggies with all of your dinners. Everyone is an advocate for their own kind of health tips, whether it be dieting or working out. I recently came across an article that talks about how weight gain can actually be attributed to a lack of sleep. The article talks about an experiment that was done to try to prove this and the findings are surprising. They found that adults who loss sleep " consumed 6 percent more calories when they got too little sleep." Not only did these people eat more, but they also consumed more carbs. They also found that the people with less sleep ate less in the morning and more later at night. I found this interesting because I would have never thought that sleeping less would affect how I ate, but in retrospect it actually does make sense. So maybe next time you're feeling like you are starting to gain some weight, instead of trying that radical diet, the best thing to do would be to maybe just get a little more sleep



I think it needs to be stressed even further just how important sleep is for the mind and body. When I was younger I resented my mom for putting me to bed so much earlier than my peers. I now realize she just wanted to make sure I was functioning at my optimal level every day. It's such a good point that lack of sleep can make you gain weight and it can even put you at risk for type 2 diabetes. Here's some more information on why sleep is so important:

This is so relatable! My mom would always tell me to go to bed whenever it was late and I kept going into the kitchen to get Pringles or some tootsie rolls. Food is a source of energy, and whenever we get tired, we feel the need to refuel to stay awake. Sometimes people eat late at night because they are simply bored. Here's an article that talks about how eating late at night because your bored could be a psychological thing.

I have actually heard this before and it really is surprising! People always go crazy trying to lose weight and try absolutely ridiculous diets or just don't eat at all. Obviously neither of those options are healthy or easy to do, but knowing that sleep might be the most helpful is kind of a relief. I think we can all agree that sleeping is much easier than going on a run or not eating carbs. Not only does sleep affect your eating pattern, but sleeping can actually give off hormones that will affect weight loss. To read more on this click on the article below!

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