Dreams... We all have had our fair share of extremely bizarre ones. However, bizarre does not even describe my experience, which is apparently labeled as "sleep paralysis". About two years ago I had the scariest, and strangest dream. It is pretty difficult to explain so bare with me.

Dream Begins:

I woke up in my bed and slowly turned my head where a freaky little girl was standing there just staring at me. I closed my eyes tightly so that she would disappear when she had a spaz attack like the girl from The Grudge. I tried to scream in my dream and nothing would come out of my mouth! My body rose from my bed and flew down the stairs into my parent's room where I still could not scream or say anything to my parents for help. THIS DREAM FELT SO REAL....

Dream ends 

I suddenly woke up from my dream in a major panic, but could not move or say anything at all for at least 30 seconds... What? I do not understand how I could have dreamt something like that? Luckily, we were learning about dreams in my Human Behavior class in high school. I told my teacher about this dream, and she told me to look up "sleep paralysis", because it sounds exactly like my situation. Sleep Paralysis- "a feeling of being conscious but unable to move... You may be unable to move or speak for a few seconds... often attributed to an 'evil' presence." I was left speechless and confused. How is something like that possible? I felt like I was possessed and could not do anything to save myself! I still needed to do some research, because I felt like I was the only person in the world that could have experienced something like that... Turns out, this is not true. 

An assistant professor at Penn State University actually did a study on sleep paralysis and found that most of the victims "feel as though their body being levitated--rising up, or say they see themselves outside of their body." I am mind-blown, there is not one thing in my dream that hasn't already been stated which is really strange to me. He found that 20% of 36,000 participants have had an episode before. Apparently this occurs during REM sleep and can occur to patients with narcolepsy- which is a condition usually causing people to fall asleep extremely easily, even when it is in the normal day-time. Thankfully, I do not have narcolepsy, but it does not justify for how scary and life-scaring this dream was. 

I am surprised at how much the research I have done relates to the dream that I had, and about how many people also have had a similar experience. Moral of the story: do not think you are a possessed freak if you have a dream like this, it is not THAT abnormal! Just probably one of the scariest things that may ever happen to you!



Georgie, your dream sounds literally terrifying! I, personally, have never experienced such a confusing, inception-esque event, but have definitely had my fair share of mind-scratching bouts of unconsciousness. When I was little, I used to sleep-walk all the time. Aside from worrying my family whenever I would find myself asleep in various areas around the house that were NOT my bed (for instance, the garage..), I eventually became so preoccupied with preventing this from happening, that I ended up not sleeping enough, or as well as I could have been. After some research, I discovered the benefits of melatonin, as exemplified here in this article:, and have been sleeping very well (and with less scary dreams and sleep-walking) ever since!

While I've never had a dream exactly like yours, I've definitely had some scary, waking up screaming dreams, so I can relate. Also, have you ever woken up in the middle of a dream? I've always said this feeling feels like I've been hit by a train, but from your blog, I can see that I've probably been going through a little bit of sleep paralysis. I've always been obsessed with dreams and think they're so interesting. I'm always looking up what my dream means. For example, I had a dream I was being chased the other night and with a Google search, it tells me that I'm trying to run away from something (probably all my accounting work that I've been putting off).

This site has a lot of cool meanings to dreams.

The same thing has happened to me before. Although I was not experiencing evil activities, I did have a freaky experience. I remember looking down from my bed at my carpet and not being able to talk but I was pretty conscious. After that I felt like I was being pushed off the bed and couldn't fight back. Then I woke up in a crazy sweat! I stumbled upon an article explaining different ways to deal with this. Check it out!

While I've never experienced this before, one thing that almost everybody experiences in this intermediate phase between sleep and wake is a hypnotic jerk. This is when you are just falling asleep or just waking up and feel like you're falling. I'm sorry that you have to go through this though. It sounds terrible

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