Sleep is Apart of Studying

How many of have pulled an all-nighter for an exam?  Although the extra hours may be efficient, making yourself exhausted deteriorates your memory capability.  Researchers have discovered that a person that studies and then goes to bed will have a less-clogged mind when taking the exam.  The brain processes information as you are sleeping, which causes people to do better on tests.
Researches at Harvard completed an experiment where they had students memorize two sets of words.  One group studied the vocabulary at 9 A.M. while the other group did at 9 P.M. before sleeping, and researchers discovered that the group that studied before sleeping memorized the word groups significantly better.

The issue with this experiment is that there is no control group that resembles a normal student that studies at a certain point during the day.  Additionally, the group that memorized the words at 9 A.M. had all day to forget the words because so much goes on in a college student's life. It is a known fact though that a good night sleep does help one do better on an exam because the brain needs to rest, which is crucial.

Harvard researchers are content with this possible discovery, thus "there are sure to be follow-up studies" (GOOD, March 28th, 2012).  It is going to be very interesting to see how this affects a students study habits.  Will they stop with the all-nighters, and just review before going to sleep?  Your brain needs rest, so when studying be sure to plan out time for sleep.   



I completely agree with what this blog has suggested. A good night's rest before an exam has helped me to be less stressed the following day. Additionally if you find your self studying the day of a test, instead of days leading up to it, puts a student in a position to merely memorize information rather than learn about the actual subject. But this is just my opinion as a junior in college.

Coming from experience, I definitely agree with this post. Just two days ago I pulled pretty much an all nighter to study for a Psych test and still did not do well. Next time I think I will just study a lot during the weeks before and then review a little the night before the test. This article gives me proof that I should do that, which is reassuring.
If you do want to try it I found an interesting article on how to effectively pull an all nighter:
Maybe I will try the step by step process sometime, but I know just pulling a straight all nighter is not worth it.

i agree with this post completely. i dont usually pull an all nighter to study but i have done it and it never helps. the times i have done it have not been the best because during the test i would be tired and i would not be able to keep my attention on the test. people feel like if they stay up all night that they will know more but it doesnt help if you cant focus on the test well, and get stupid mistakes.

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