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Have you ever watched a YouTube video where the person holding the camera was either walking or running? The video is so shaky, that it's almost nauseating to watch. Then why don't we see that same way when we walk or run? It's called the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex. This is a reflex that produces an eye movement in the opposite direction of the head movement, which stabilizes your vision. The way it works is there is a fluid in your inner ear that tells your brain which way is up. Gravity along with the acceleration of your head movements change the position of the fluid, and your eyes immediately react by moving in the opposite direction.  People whose VOR is impaired can develop a condition known as vertigo, in which the person inappropriately experiences the perception or motion. Vertigo causes dizziness, nausea, and balance disorders. Imagine you are on a boat; having an impaired vestibular system makes it seem as though you are always rocking back and forth on the open sea. Some of the causes of vertigo are concussions and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, aka "the spins." You can experience temporary vertigo by repetitively spinning in circles. This disrupts the inertia of the fluid in your inner-ear, known as physiologic vertigo.



I cant believe that I've never thought of why or vision doesn't bounce like it does with a camera. I think that it is absolutely amazing how out brain is able to make the necessary adjustments so seamlessly.

This is a really interesting topic! This also sounds like the reason I experienced what I did the other day in my car. I was looking at the truck beside me right as I braked to a stop and as I stopped he inched forward and it made me feel like I was moving backwards, not him moving forward and I freaked out for a second. Here's a video that kind of reminds me of a feeling you could experience from this too!

THIS IS SO TRUE!!! Whenever I'm running and trying to change the music I feel that its so difficult to aim to the next button because I have to keep on moving.

Also, I don't know if this is related but when I was younger and reading in the car, it would always hurt my head to read a book in a car for an extended period of time.You guys ever feel that too?

I don't know how right or legit yahoo answers is but....

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