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Selfie is a term that was defined by Urban Dictionary in 2005. To be honest, it sounds like a term I've known my whole life because it is used constantly among me and my peers. Personally, I don't take selfies seriously. I'll take them if I am out with friends and I'm on their phones. I think they're funny and entertaining to look at later on. I will never take a picture of myself on my own phone and try to make it look good.

Are selfies right or wrong? Is it OK to post these pictures on social media? These are the types of questions that generate a lot of buzz among older generations who didn't grow up with social media or selfies. Some may look at selfies as self-degrading and inappropriate. Others like my grandmom, who's as sweet as can be, may find them adorable (then again, she probably hasn't seen Miley Cyrus's selfies). The generation gap makes it hard to say whether selfies are right or wrong.

As bizarre as it may sound, selfies serve as a way for adolescents to develop themselves. According to Dr. Andrea Letamendi, a clinical psychologist at UCLA, "self captured images allow young adults and teens to express their mood states and share important experiences," (side note: I love how selfies are now referred to as self-captured images to make them sound better). She goes on to say that selfies, or self-captured images, serve as a guide to help adolescents form their identities. They are trying to fit into the norm of society and selfies are the norm, at least for teens.

Other experts claim selfies can be helpful during a therapy session. If adolescents find opening up difficult, therapists can use selfies as an icebreaker by asking questions like, 'How were you feeling when you took this picture?" Letamendi stated, "Sciencitfic studies are gathering more information about the use of social media to help professionals..."

Selfies have become more prominent through social media applications such as Instagram and Snapchat. On Instagram, users are able to take any picture they want, add effects and post it for their followers (or anyone) to see. Other users are able to "like" these pictures, boosting the confidence of the selfie-taker. For others, posting a selfie on Insta is kind-of risky because 'what will other people think?' Well, that is where the brilliant app called Snapchat comes into play. Snapchat users are able to take a picture of anything they want, selfies included, and send it to their 'friends.' The benefit to Snapchat is the receiver of the photo can see it for seconds only and then it is gone forever. Interesting way to socialize, huh?

As the use of social media continues to grow, so do new trends like selfies, or hashtag selfies. Social media is being researched and used as a form of therapy. My, how far we've come. Do you think selfies are OK to post on social media?

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WOW. I never would have thought there was an explanation behind taking selfies. This is very interesting. I do not take selfies seriously as well. I just feel silly if I do. One or two selfies now and then won't hurt, but I think its strange when that is the type of picture people post all the time. I often unfollow people on instagram if their feed is constantly just their face. I get it, you look great, but stop taking so many pictures of yourself! I see how it could be a confidence boost as well. When I get a lot of likes on a picture I take, its reassuring that other people enjoyed looking at it too. I guess if its a picture of yourself, the confidence boost would be even greater. Thanks for this really interesting blog.

I'm amazed that there's a science behind selfies. It's funny that you mentioned it helps adolescents develop themselves, because I was actually wondering to myself the other day why so many younger kids (13-16) are ALWAYS taking selfies. I guess in our day and age, selfies are just a part of growing up. Selfies never really bothered me, I'll admit I've taken them... What isn't okay is when there's albums on Facebook of 200+ pictures of "#selfies." I guess for kids these days, getting "likes" on a selfie is satisfying - why complement someone in person when you can just hit the "like" button, right...? -__-

This was hilarious! I loved it! I don't think selfies really are a problem, unless someone is taking them all the time. I'm not gonna lie I may post a selfie maybe once every two months (when I'm looking good of course) on Instagram, but I really cannot stand people that do it all the time. Although, with the younger kids I think it makes sense. I remember trying to take a good picture for my MySpace (We are so old!) and getting a good angle haha. When my friends and I would take a picture we say "Smile for Myspace"), so I can totally understand why younger kids are doing this... It's just in a different form. If you go on Youtube there are legit videos on "How to take a selfie" Here's a song actually called "Selfie song" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOvUbV_WWb0
I'm sure it will give you a good laugh like it did for me.

It's actually very depressing with how many selfies are taken nowadays. This generation is so obsessed with boosting their self-esteem, being consistently reassured and complimented, and having a specific look without flaws. Having the option of being able to perfectly angle a picture and add an effect in order to make someone look 'flawless' or 'more attractive' sounds great to many people, especially girls. Technology is allowing people to achieve these obsessions by providing apps like Instagram and updating apps to have these features such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Taking a selfie is rather narcissistic and is in a sense egging on compliments from people. This helps boost their self-esteem as well as 'flaunt' how good the person looks... with effects that is. The fact that kids are resorting to technology like this is really sad and is ostracizing people from how to properly interact with one another in person. Here is a video that shows people how to take the perfect selfie, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbqIQcKNE7E . The fact that there are videos like this exists is atrocious. Yes, I may have a few pictures of myself and sometimes make them my profile picture but I usually change it immediately because I start to feel uncomfortable. I feel like I am fishing for compliments. Pictures should be all about showing the world your experiences and to capture a perfect memory because pictures are most defiantly worth a thousand words.

I think that selfies are a pretty ridiculous way of expressing ourselves. Sure, all of our new phones have cameras that make it really easy to take pictures of ourselves, but what is the point of taking a picture of yourself and sending it to 30 people, including 25 of the opposite gender, if not to just grab attention? If you think you look awesome one day and want to selfie me your outfit, sure, sounds great. But to say that selfies make people grow and capture really important moments in teens moods is ridiculous. Girls take selfies and send them to guys to garner attention. Guys take selfies and send them to girls in hopes that the girl thinks he looks good that day and she will hit him up. Pretty much plain and simple, because taking a selfie at the eiffel tower is pretty ridiculous. Its not like there aren't 5,000 people willing to take a picture for you. Enough with the seriousness though. This is the funniest thing I have read in a while. All about girls and their selfies.

Selfies are 100% okay to post on social media. But lets get real, its not for therapy.


This girl sitting in the library next to me just took a selfie, and I could not help but stare. Instead of documenting every aspect of our lives via iphones and selfies, why not just use your mind to remember moments in the actual moment. http://healthland.time.com/2013/09/06/why-selfies-matter/ is an interesting take on the selfie craze.

I don't think there is something wrong with taking selfies. I think it's great because it means the person who is taking selfies has confidence in his/herself.
there is even a contest! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.685972274762007.1073741832.588162814542954&type=1

I thought this blog topic was so great! I am taking selfies pretty frequently but I am definitely not the kid tweeting a new selfie every three seconds or putting up my selfies on instagram everyday. I think when you take it that far it becomes not only excessive but also pathetic. For me I take selfies more as a way to be funny and goof off with my friends. I never would have thought there was so much research going into them or that therapists were using them as a way to get kids to open up during their sessions. Selfies are definitely something new that has come along with our generation and maybe it isn't as useless as the older generations seem to think they are!

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