Science...dear God no.


Hi all, my name is Karissa and I am a first year student here at Penn State. I want to major in either Management Information Systems or Marketing. I am from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania which is about 15 minutes away from campus. I grew up living and breathing anything Penn State, and I think it will always have a huge influence over my life. I am a member of the Blue Band, however I don't play an instrument. I twirl silks. Some of you may refer to it as "flags" or "colorguard", too.


 I don't think I can ever remember a time after elementary school where I actually understood science. That is why I decided to take this class to fulfill a general education requirement. It seemed to focus less on DOING the scientific equations, and more on understanding how science works in our world.



Wishing you all a great semester! Follow me on Twitter if you wish...




I really like your picture haha I'm not really into science and not really sure what argon is but I know its an element and think this is hilarious because most other people were posting pictures similar to this one.

I'm Carissa too!!! But with a "C" ;)

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I'll follow back!

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