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Hello! My name is Amy Mohler from Downingtown, Pennsylvania and I am a freshman here at Penn State. I would say it is pretty thrilling to be writing my first ever blog post and now have my thoughts published for all 60-some students in our class to see. Although I am undecided as to what I would like to major in, I am confident it will not be science-related. Throughout my high school experience of chemistry, physics, and a couple years of biology, I came to realize that blaming the teacher for my inability to understand many of the concepts and topics taught in these classes would not work in college, and especially not in the real world if I were to choose a science-related career. In a way it is a shame because I do find science interesting and very applicable to life, however, the math end of it goes right over my head. That is what landed me here in this class. I originally signed up for Biological Sciences 004, hearing it was an interesting class (non-math related as it has to do with the human body), but I read reviews on, sat through one of my Russian teacher's lectures and decided to drop it for a class with much more interesting topics, and a professor with a higher rating and a way cooler accent. I am really excited already by how interactive and applicable SC 200 has been and cannot wait to voice my opinion in discussions. A little about myself is that I love to run and I am a spiritual/religious person (Christian) so a number of my blogs may have to do with those two topics. I am very interested to see how my religious beliefs and science possibly clash and coincide in this class. For anyone who has heard of the Color Run and/or is interested in doing a super fun 5k here on campus, check this out. Below is a picture of a few friends and me after the race this summer! I'm the one holding the camera.Thumbnail image for IMG_1987.JPG

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The color run looks really cool! I never knew Penn State had such a thing.
If you are interested in running with a team, you might want to check out the Tussey Mountain Ultramarathon Relay as well.

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