Science?! I'll give it a try...

Hey there Sc200, Im Luke Matthews from outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County. I'm a sophomore student planning to major in business. Everyone always says it's so hard to decide what you want to do in life, but ever since I was in elementary school and we had to watch the annoying nerd Bill Nye, I knew damn well exactly what I wasn't going to be doing; science.  Call me a quitter, but I have always sucked at science and really just never had the desire to excel in this topic. I almost can't think about one aspect of science that I truly ever appreciated. What better class for me to take than "The Appreciation of Science", right? I've come to the conclusion that I will enter this class with an open mind and try to allow myself to really appreciate as much as possible and see things for more than just an in depth problem.  All in all, I hope to take away more from this class than an aggravating headache.
Here's a quick look at my hometown; really exciting place as you may find.,_Pennsylvania



Hey Luke! I completely agree with this, I would also like to go about this class with the same mentality. Who knows maybe we will really appreciate this course! Anyway, good luck this semester and try to keep away from the stomach worms we learned about yesterday, they can be pretty harmful to your brain function. LOL

Couldn't agree more with your article haha, science has always been a rough topic for me throughout high school. Another thing we have in common is that I'm near Philly too (not that common since half of PSU is as well), I'm more South Jersey though near Medford-but I've heard of Bucks County so that's all that counts! Anyways, I found a video of Bill Nye in a more serious/controversial term. Here's the link if you're interested...

Hi Luke! I found my post to be very similar to yours. Whenever something involves science, I just seem to run away. For example, I was in a psych class called sensation and perception, and dropped it right away because the professor said it was going to be more like a science course. In High School, science was not my strong point either, it was reading and writing. I hope you are enjoying the class!

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