Science Haters (kind of)

In elementary school, science was my ish. Ah, how I loved watching chicks being hatched, creating my own tornadoes, and watching a potent mixture of baking soda and vinegar explode down a paper mache volcano. It was fun; it was exciting. Then the years went on. My interest began to dwindle as I was forced to memorize the components of the cardio vascular system, physics, and osmosis. Still, I never fully hated science. Until 11th grade. Ugh. The teacher's name was Mrs. Burmeister. Highhandedly, this woman ruin science for me. I would drag myself into her chemistry class ever day, head down, watching the clock. She's the only teacher who ever actually made me cry from pure hatred. And her hands... So, after that science and I had an awful relationship. It seemed to get harder as I got stupider. And that is why I'm not a science major.

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Don't get me wrong, I like science. Which is why I'm taking this instead of French (because as a Comm major, they let me take a French credit to fulfill a science). This course seems really interesting, and BiSci didn't scare me, so I figured it wasn't time to give up on science quite yet! 

Also, so generic information: I'm a sophomore here at PSU and I'm excited to be back, see everyone and make some new friends! I'm a PR major. Feel free to follow me on twitter!


I loved science, it was my favorite class in elementary school. In the classroom we had so many animals that we interacted with and during the summer we were allowed to take them home and care for them, it was the best. When I reached middle school, science was never the same. I had the worst teacher in the whole world, not because her teaching style was bad but because she was annoying. She never married and her only "child" was her dog and she had pictures of it everywhere! She always wore the same sweater at least once a week and it had so much material that she could recharge a battery with it, which she did every chance she got. She had these glasses which were too big for her face and made her look like Professor Trelawney and sometimes she acted as crazy- . To this day I still hear her voice going "What's this?" when she wanted to know what people were talking about and half the time they were on the other side of the room. I always wondered if there were better and less nosy teachers during middle school if I had liked science and actually been interested in it. But how are you taking this class instead of a language? I am a COMM major as well and was required to take French 003 last year by my adviser.

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