Science can be fun?


Hello my name is Nicolle Kaufman and I am a sophomore here at Penn state. I am majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Spanish. I am half Peruvian so I am fluent in both. Science has never been my strong point growing up. In high school I was forced to take chemistry and biology, and lets just say I barely passed. I've always thought science was all about equations and mixing chemicals together but this class is opening up my eyes that science is all around me. I am becoming more excited to take this course since I am a PR major I need to improve on my writing skills and what better than to blog! Honestly, at first I signed up for this course because the word around campus was that it was super easy and the teacher was awesome (loving the accent). I'm not so sure that its going to be super easy but it definitely is going to help me in the long run with my writing, and open up my eyes that science can be fun. I am not EVER planning on being a science major because I have never had a deep interest in anything science related, or so I thought. I am now just realizing that science is in my everyday life. I am a huge diet coke drinker. I honestly think I may be addicted to it. In this course I hope to find out the truth about diet coke. Does diet coke really have zero calories? IMG_3952.JPG


Hey Nicolle ! I just had to comment on this because I have a friend who shares your love for diet Coke ! It's so bad , I always run out of the stuff because he drinks it every time he is over !!! haha! I too am a sophomore here and did not do very well in Chem and Bio in High School , and I think thats why I am so scared to take science here ! I agree that this class seems very interesting !!

Here is a link of a video I found on YouTube about potential dangers of Diet Soda !

Woah, I am planning on being a public relations major too! I wish I could minor in Spanish, but I am almost as bad at Spanish as I am science. I really agree that this class will open my eyes but at the same time help with my writing skills! I love diet Coke too. After reading this article though, I am not sure I am going to keep drinking it as much though:

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