Science and I do not get along


Hey everyone!

My name is Cassie Geist. I am junior studying international politics. A lot of people ask why I would ever want to study politics, but I am hoping to one day work for the department of homeland security and unfortunately penn state does not offer Homeland Security as a major.  I am from Marlton New Jersey, which is about 30 minutes from the Jersey Shore.  Penn State was always my dream school, and the day I got accepted was probably the best day of my life!

I am in this class because I heard it was interesting and as you may imagine my major has absolutely nothing to do with science. My hatred towards science began early in highschool in chemistry class. I'm actually kind of jealous of those who are good at chem and physics. I am obsessed with the show Breaking Bad, but that is probably the closest i'll bring myself to associate with science, other than this class.To be completely honest I would much rather hang out with my dogs than watch test tubes or try to figure out how many sig figs are in the speed of light.  

I also have a pet hedgehog named Dexter, he's prettyneat. You can find some pictures of him on my instagram. Below is a picture of the two favorite men in my life!Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 6.14.47 PM.png


That's so cool that you have a hedgehog? What does it take to take care of it? I am also obsessed with breaking bad, but surprisingly its not that uncommon of a story for chemistry teachers to start making meth (

Wait a second... is this the famous hedge hog?

Ha! I heard all about him from my friends! I love it. I read that they are really hard to take care of. Do you think that's the reason why they aren't more common household pets?

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