Deep breaths enter your body and are quickly released as you approach the floor. Anxiety ripples throughout you, and awakens any nerves that are somewhat relaxed. Beads of sweat begin to form at your hairline and you wipe them away before anyone takes notice. Other people stand scattered throughout the room; some relaxed and confident, others with their arms tightened around their body's and eyes darting back and forth. You breathe again, "relax" you whisper. But the next thing said aloud is "next", and that is when the last thing you can do is relax

People everywhere know what it feels like to go through the audition/try-out process. The team that you wish to join is looking for someone with skill, and you have to prove to them in an allotted time that you have that. But what is it about auditions that makes us so scared? And how can we avoid becoming such a stressed-out mess? 

Auditions are scary because of the fear of rejection, a common fear amongst the human race that keeps us from reaching for our most desired dreams. But if we put ourselves on the line and choose to audition, we are giving the go-ahead to either be rejected, or accepted. It could go either way. We fear what may come after the rejection as well, such as a major decline in our self-confidence. Or the disapproval of others- the feeling of "letting-down" someone other than ourselves. Why is that? When we try-out we aren't taking a number to represent our coaches or parents. We aren't telling the judges "Hey, I'm here to try out for my mom". No! We are auditioning for ourselves and ourselves only. Therefore we must cast aside those fears.

Being nervous is only normal. It is a natural feeling that comes before any big event in your life: an exam, performance or in this case a try-out. Therefore the only way to approach these feelings when dealing with nerves is by soothing them. This website provides information on the concept of being nervous and how you can relieve it.

So next time you see yourself before a set of 
judges, remember what is important. You are doing this for yourself. Nerves are only natural so embrace them and relax.


Nerves are something that affect every single person on this earth. It seems that once you feel anxious or nervous, there is no way to escape that feeling and you have to wait it out until it passes. This summer, I learned of a way to deal with any type of stress or negative emotion that may present itself. Its called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and is referred to as "Tapping." It is a psychological accupressure technique that is based on the same energy meridians used in acupuncture.

Check out these websites to learn more about it! I can say from experience that it truly does work in reducing stress!

Many performers actually argue that some measure of nerves is beneficial to putting on a good show. Nerves are simply heightened adrenaline, and when handled properly, this adrenaline can be translated into positive energy that helps create a lively performance. Some musicians, for example, have testified that feeling a lack of nerves before going out on stage led to a performance that was flat and forgettable. This article talks about it at greater length: http://www.bulletproofmusician.com/what-every-musician-ought-to-know-about-stage-fright/ Being outright scared obviously isn't going to help anyone, but nerves in moderation might actually be desirable in certain instances.

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