Record Breaking Sound

        On Sunday September 15 during the Seattle Seahawk versus San Francisco 49ers game the record was broken for loudest human generated sound. The previous record for loudest human generated sound was 131.76 decibels, which was set by a soccer match at the Ali Sami Yen Sport Complex in Istanbul, Turkey in 2011. The Seattle Seahawk fans have always been known for being loud fans, and they proved it that night.
        The 12th man of the Seattle Seahawks broke the record when their defensive end Michael Bennett sacked the 49er's quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and the crowd hit an explosive 131.9 decibels. That is impressive for the crowd to get that loud, but what is incredible is that the crowd beat their own record later in the game. Then in the fourth quarter the Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch walked into the end-zone for his second touchdown of the night. This caused the crown to erupt to an astonishing 136.6 decibels, which beat their previous record of the night by 4.7 decibels. There were about 68,000 people in the stadium that night, which makes it more impressive because that is not even that many people for a football game. To put it into perspective that crowd of 68,000 was almost as loud as a gunshot, which can cause immediate hearing damage. The Seattle Seahawks ended up winning that game 29 to 3, which makes them still undefeated at 2-0 as their record.20130915seahawks620.jpg 


This post automatically caught my eye. I am a huge football fan so pretty much anything related to football is going to catch my attention and even if you don't like football or sports at all, this post is intriguing. To really think about it; people coming together and making a sound as loud as a gun shot, it just really blows my mind. I did my first post on the sound that is generated during a game in Beaver Stadium and the statistics that I found were astonishing. I think we often underestimate the power a crowd can have on a football game but this record breaking sound proves that home field advantage really is quite the advantage. To check out my blog post I did earlier, click on the link below. Maybe someday Beaver Stadium and beat this new record!!

It is pretty amazing that a stadium with such a low capacity could produce the loudest decibel level ever recorded from a crowd. You made the comparison of a gunshot which is even more incredible considering the crowd most likely sustained a high level of noise through out most of the game. The 49ers and any other team that plays in the Seahawks' stadium would have a tough time communicating with each other considering its like playing at a firing range. I actually read something the other week that showed the stadium noise level reaching a 3.5 on the Richter scale, very interesting stuff.

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