Reality show on Mars to be the new Jersey Shore?

How cool would it be to watch the first ever space reality show that would take place on Mars? Well in the year 2023 it is totally possible! In fact, you could be a part of this experiment along with the other 100,000 plus people that have signed up so far. This seems like a joke, right? That's what I thought when I saw this on the news mid August 2013. I immediately googled it after I got home from work because I was convinced that Ashton Kutcher was punking CNN. I came across an article that provided more detail than what was shown on the news.

This still sounds bizarre right? I honestly could not agree more but this could lead to an alternate route for humans to continue living if Earth fails us (because humans need another planet to destroy...). Basically, four people will be selected to go to Mars for the first trip and live on this beautiful red planet but what's the catch? Well, you never get to return to the planet Earth, ever. Mars One is the organization behind this nifty project. For those who are interested, there is an official website that provides all the details. Insight listed on the site ranges from merchandise to be sold which can help offset the cost of the trip, lists of ho the applicants are, the overall reason for the mission, and a trailer describing it.

If you happen to be one of the lucky people you get to say goodbye to planet Earth in September 2022, you'll be arriving to your new home 7 months later. I am defiantly inclined to the idea of living on Mars and would apply for this, but not being able to come back to Earth and having to deal with merely 3 other random applicants would more than likely drive me insane. There are more downfalls to this mission than there are benefits some being

  • Depression; inhabiting a planet by yourself for the first time with only three random people will become lonely super fast.
  • No more traveling; you will never be able to visit the beautiful architecture around Earth or escape through vacations to exotic beaches and destinations.
  • No more of mom's delicious food!
  • Your bone and muscle mass will be greatly effected from the change in gravity, weaker immune system and slower cardiovascular system (must I continue?) 
  • You will have to readjust your living habits as well as hobbies due to the total change in environment 
  • No more partying or Friday night movies!

Now there are some benefits to this and those are that you get to finally be away from the destructive human race, your name will never be forgotten, and you do not have to worry about being late to work the next day!


So leave comments in the bottom giving me your thoughts of this mission, would you be willing to participate in this? Will this reality show get the highest viewings on television? Will these 4 stars be more famous than the infamous Jersey Shore cast? Could this be an outlet for human life?


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I would love to go but even with the support the candidates will get there are so very many issues they will face. Radiation is just one of many issues on Mars.

It would definitely be an adventure of a lifetime! I can't imagine setting foot on the Moon let alone Mars. It would be a breath taking view to look back at Earth from space. I wouldn't mind going but I would wait until I was around the age of 50-60 where I had less commitments and experienced more to what Earth had to offer first before exploring another planet. It will be interesting to hear who all gets selected to be the four members! I wonder what kind of training the members will have to go through or if it's the same as if they were going to the moon. Here is a video from NASA talking about Expedition 36 returning this evening and its mission.

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