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      Ok, so we all know twins are cool (undisputed fact), but there are so many cool things about twins that most people don't know! In this article from the Huffington Post, Katie Kerns unveils twenty shocking facts about twins (my people) that even I have never heard of before! Would you want to have twins? Among so many other things, science can tell you how to tailor your diet to make your body hospitable to two bundles of joy!
       Kerns reports that twins are multiplying! According to her, one in every thirty babies born in 2009 was part of a twosome! This makes sense that the number of twins is increasing because apparently there is a twin gene! If more and more twins are being born carrying the gene, it makes sense that the amount would continue to increase, Kern says. An interesting distinction Kern makes is that most people think 'twins' means born at the same time, while in fact 'twins' means conceived at the same time! That makes it possible for some twins, such as Reuben (5) and Floren (2), to be born years apart! This is made possible by in vitro fertilization. If the eggs are fertilized out of the body and a fertilized embryo is planted in the mother, the remaining embryos can be preserved and grown years later! Neat stuff!
       Check out this neat feat of science: a set of twins can even have different fathers! It is possible because sometimes women can ovulate and dispense two eggs at once. If the woman has sex and one of the eggs becomes fertilized, it is still possible for her to have sex with another person soon after and the other egg can become fertilized, too! It is rare, but there have been cases of this phenomenon
        Finally, Kern says that identical twins grow more and more unalike as they age. She attributes this to "recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported that environmental factors such as dietary habits and chemical exposures -- also known as epigenetic effects -- cause identical twins to grow dissimilar over time".  That may be true, but as you can see, that varies among sets of twins:
Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 5.39.54 PM.png


Amanda this is so interesting...I did know that twins could be born years apart...In 7th grade we learned about a set of triplets that were born two at a time, then a third 13 years later. Unfortunately I can't find the article on google because I read it in a magazine but it was really interesting. Do you believe in twin telepathy?? My sister told me a really crazyyyy story once. She was in college and there were two cars full of kids, they were off on a road trip somwhere. On the trip, were a set of twin girls, but they were each riding in different cars. All of a sudden, one of the twins got a really bad/sick/feeling, she NEEDED to be with her sister. So after a huge fuss, the cars met up and put the twins together...The crazy part of the story is that the other car, that the twins were now not in, crashed a little while later. Sadly, everyone in the car died except for one person. I didn't really believe in twin telepathy until I heard this story about twin's saving each other from death. Do you, being a twin, believe in it, or share any moments like this with your twin??'

I found some quick facts about twins that I enjoyed: Check them out, you may learn more about "your people."

Hey Amanda! I'm actually a twin too! Well a fraternal twin. My twin brother is going to Penn State too. Fraternal twins run on my Dad's side of the family and as a fraternal twin myself I hope to have twins. It would be so exciting! My brother and I are actually pretty similar because in high school we both played the same sports, were involved in most of the same clubs and now attending the same college. The website you posted was really interesting. I never thought about how twins can have a "twin bond" even in the womb. Katelyn, I'm really glad you shared the story your sister told you. That was really interesting! My brother and I don't have twin telepathy, though we're not identical so maybe being identical plays a huge role in twin telepathy? What's your take on it Amanda?

I'm almost embarrassed to say that the extent of my knowledge on this topic was watching the show Sister Sister growing up. However, I find the idea of being a twin really interesting due to the possible telepathy and pretending to be each other, etc. My father is a scientist and has ranted about the genes of twins and such, but that stuff isn't what I find so interesting. I've always wondered to what extent twins can and want to separate themselves. Of course most mothers dress them alike when they are younger because it's adorable, but is that physiologically damaging? It says here that there's no research proving it is, but sometimes I think that parents overdo it after a certain age.

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