Psychology of Colors

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Colors, they're everywhere. Unless you're colorblind (I'm sorry if you are) it's almost impossible to go throughout your day without seeing any colors. Unless you walk around all day with your eyes shut. It is said that color has many effects on your mood. It is also said that the meaning of colors vary in different cultures. Have you ever wondered why many food chains use red and yellow in their logos? The red used because it attracts attention and yellow is said to make you hungry. When I first found that out, I was fascinated.the perception of color is subjective, it is said that some color effects have universal meanings. For example, colors near the red side of the spectrum are considered warm colors. These colors have cause emotions like comfort and even feelings such as anger. Colors like blue, green, and purple are considered calming colors. They even can represent feelings of sadness. I never realized how many different meanings one color could have but it just goes to show how everything can be seen differently by everybody. 

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I've heard that restaurants are usually decorated in a red theme because of the fact that the color red makes people feel hungry. I never really think about colors in that way, but I think it's pretty interesting that the color of something can affect our mood or emotions. This website gives suggestions of what color to paint certain rooms in your house in order to achieve a particular mood!
I thought it was funny that Leslie Harrington, the color consultant, said that if you paint your dining room red, people might think you're a better cook.

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