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Who knew colors could actually provoke certain emotions, feelings, and tendencies? For example, have you ever noticed that most fast food restaurants utilize similar color schemes, such as yellow and red? Click here to see what I mean! It's fascinating to think about; these colors actually generate feelings of excitement or hunger. It's like we're reeled in just by looking! According to the last reference, studies have shown that individuals are actually more likely to consume more food in a room filled with vibrant colors as opposed to blues, purples, and blacks. Even colors of certain foods arouse people and spark their appetites. For example, types of foods that are blue in color could actually make an individual less hungry! Maybe that's the trick?

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            This website proposed alternate situations where color comes into play. Aside from food, colors tend to influence our perspective on every day things we see. For instance, we automatically associate the color red with danger or evil. If we were presented with two characters wearing identical super costumes, one in red and the other in blue, we would assume that the character in red represents evilness when compared to the one in blue. Why do we do this? Well, it's instinct! There is a positive correlation between the color red and car thefts, as well as the color red and the responsiveness and arousal of males toward a females wearing red. Orange labels on expensive items indirectly make them seem more affordable. Writing down notes in blue ink helps remember them better. Our mind makes these decisions for us without our conscious realizing!



The psychology of color is such an interesting topic and I remember learning about it in one of my art classes. My teacher used this painting called "The Old Guitarist" by Picasso as her main example. It is a painting of an older man sitting on the ground in a stooped over position holding a guitar. Picasso painted this during what was called his "Blue Period" in which he created numerous works using blues, greys and blacks to create gloomy feel. I think it's fascinating how color can generate feelings and emotions.

The effects of colors on our emotions is a topic used when designing products as well as marketing brands. I read somewhere a while back that the reason camping tents have green or blue interiors is because it is more calming in a survival situation. Also, as you mentioned, it may make you less hungry.

I was never really good at psychology, but this aspect of it has always fascinated me. I'm not a big fast-food fan, but McDonald's golden arches do make me hungry, just not for what they have to offer. Part of me wants to be mad that these companies are manipulating us to eat their food, but I can't blame them. It's amazing that something as simple as color can play such a huge role in the way our body feels and reacts.

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