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There's nothing better than walking down the street with both your earphones blasting music at the top volume. However, the pump up music that might be "amping" up you now, might be ruining your hearing in the long run. Researchers from the University of Leicester have recently revealed a study that although blasting your newly added music might be fun, it can seriously destroy nerve cells which eventually will lead to temporary deafness.

A regular-sized pair of headphones has the ability to play up to an astounding volume of 120 decibels, equivalent to the sound level of a raging concert or even a jet. With this kind of knowledge we can no longer be blind to the consequences that can come out of something so simple, such as listening to music.

The cells coating the inside of your ear, known as the myelin sheath, become stripped. This prevents electrical signals and other critical information from being transmitted from the ear to the brain. However, over time cells can be produced once again and hearing can be regained.

Research is constantly being updated & reviewed based on the effects headphone's have on the specific part of the brain known as the dorsal cochlear nucleus. As of now there is no effective cure, however with moderation of just how loudly you decide to play your music you might be able to stop the deterioration of your ear cells.

So, what is more important? Blasting 'Holy Grail' through your earphones or preventing hearing loss?

If you would like to learn more about how earphones cause damage to your ears click HERE and HERE. Both of these articles provided me with valuable resources & information that I will put to good use in my own life.

In addition, ABC News did an extremely interesting segment on the effects of earphones. You can watch it here.

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I actually laughed out loud when I saw this post, because my roommate literally just yelled at me to turn down the music on my computer, because she could clearly hear what was playing through my headphones. I am notorious for blasting music to their highest volume. I can't even walk anywhere whether it be a two minute or a twenty minute walk without blasting music. However, I have felt my ears pop before due to volume, and I have been warned several times over about potential hearing loss. This post kind of freaked me out a little bit, and I have done a bit more research to scare myself into lowering down my volume some more. According to The New York Times, one out of five teenagers nowadays cannot hear rustles or whispers, which demonstrates slight hearing loss, and the amount of teenagers with this problem has increased 33% by 1994? This is a serious issue, and I hope to one day in the future break my habit of blasting music for my own good as well as others.

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