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Hello everyone!

    My name is Mike McCullough. I am a sophomore and am a telecommunications major here at Penn State. After I graduate I am hoping to be behind the scenes on the production side of television and film. In my free time I enjoy playing sports (mainly soccer), hanging out with friends, listening to music, and watching movies.
      I decided to take this course because one; my adviser told me it's a fun class, and two; it sounded interesting in that it explores subjects that I wouldn't really expect from a science class. The reason I'm not a science major is because I love telecommunications and also science is hard. It's not like I don't enjoy science, but after taking chem and physics through high school I realized that being a science major wasn't for me.
     Since soccer is my favorite sport I'll post this video that breaks down a goal from my favorite player of all-time, Roberto Carlos.

Also, My favorite film is Pulp Fiction, this is an image of one of my favorite scenes from the film.

Pulp Fiction car.jpg

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Hey Mike, I see you want to be in production of tv/film. I was heavily involved in PSNTV last year and am now one of the producers for the sports show. We do a news and sports show alternating weeks I believe. This is all done at Innovation Park in a professional studio with everyone being a part of making the show air properly. The shows are played on the HUB tv and its great experience for someone on the production side. Check out our youtube channel to see if your interested.

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