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Me and my dad would sometimes sit together and watch the poker games they play on TV's. I would always think to myself, "Dang these guys don't show a single emotion, I would never be able to do that." When the guy has a good hand, he doesn't show any emotion of happiness. Even when the guy has a bad hand he shows no defeat.  His face is literally just like


There really isn't a single way to read the mind of the other players when these guys play. Or is there?

               Yes, poker players mastered the art of showing no emotion on the face, but what if I told you that you could find out if the hand of a player is good or not by looking at the way he moves his chips. If they have a bad hand, players would have a more awkward arm motion when betting chips, but when they had a good hand they would have a smoother and more confident arm motion. Studies have shown that when 3 groups of college students were asked to watch  20 big time poker players placing bets, students were asked to observe the way they placed bets and see if they could guess how good the hand was from 1-7 (very bad-very good). These students were able to show a connection between good hands and smooth betting.

If you guys want to read the researchers reports then feel free to read them here





How many of you guys play poker?




First off, nice use of memes. Good to see that fossil unearthed. I've played poker a lot with my grandparents with nothing on the line, so there was never much incentive to learn the tricks to concealing facial emotions/body tics, etc. Still, it seems essential to any player worth his salt. Or chips, in this case. Maybe it would be easier to train your perception of other people's tells, than work on concealing your own? It's likely a balanced combination of the two that's most effective.
Here are some more pictures of that meme to pollute your eyes with:,mod%3D2&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=Qrk7UvCZIoz_4AOMnoGQBQ

I found your blog very interesting, I have never been much of a gambler, so I do not know about poker. Although, I do know it is very important to keep a straight face, so that they other players do not know what he is thinking. I feel your blog was very entertaining, witty, and well thought out. Here is a guide I found online to gambling,

This is such an interesting topic and nothing I ever thought about too much. I grew up playing poker at family events and never mastering the art of keeping an unchangeable poker face in every hand. Thinking that the way someone would move their chips could give away their hand is just unimaginable to me. Those who are trained in detecting those small movements of lies could dominate the game. Every individual has their tell no matter how small. I found this website,, in which it tells poker players certain tells, such as just in the way they stare down at their cards or miss a breath. This was a very intriguing topic and a good blog post.

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