Plan B Dispensary at Shippensburg University

Two years ago, Shippensburg University developed a vending machine that dispenses Plan B for only $25. Only accessible by employees and Shippensburg students, this pill can be distributed after students check in at the lobby desk.

This may seem controversial to some, but students find this new invention to their advantage. Since the majority of college students are over the age of seventeen, the FDA approves this method of dispensary for Plan B. Other items like antihistamines, ibuprofen, antacids, and other over the counter medicines are also accessible at the vending machine. 

Plan B is NOT something to rely on during sexual intercourse, you should always use other methods of protection. I think the idea of a vending machine at a college campus can have just as many good as bad outcomes. 

This idea is very convenient to students in case of an emergency. Students might feel uncomfortable going into town to their local pharmacy and purchasing Plan B in front of a lot of people, so the vending machine provides a less obvious way of receiving the pill. Getting it from campus is also beneficial because the cost is much cheaper. At pharmacies, Plan B can be up to $50 and insurance companies don't cover it.

There are also ideas that students might take Plan B as their only option. Because the vending machine is at the tip of their fingertips, they might only rely on that for a form of contraceptive. Most people don't realize that although Plan B can be effective, it is not healthy to take on a regular basis.



This is a really interesting debate. Yes it is convenient and cheaper but Plan B is definitely not good for women. I've talked to many friends about Plan B and you should really only use it 1-2 times in your lifetime. I feel as though college students may abuse this priviledge (it seems like a privledge and a deal) but they're harming themselves. Plan B can mess with women's hormones. I amnot 100% sure about this but I have heard from numerous people, that if you take Plan B often or a good amount, it can prevent you from having children. With all this being said, I really feel as though it shoudln't be available so easily!

Kaitlyn, whats a parents perspective on having this in a vending machine? Though parents aren't the ones mainly on a college campus, knowing that this is available for their children, isn't that weird? Or would they be happy its there in case their daughter has an emergency? Just a though.

I found this article and I've heard people say that Plan B can cause horrible long-term side effects. But, here, it seems as if there hasn't been much research on that cause. Though its definitely not okay to take every day for months (as anything is in bulk), a few times a year hasn't shown a significant amount of cases with negative side effects.

Do you think they'll start putting these vending machines on all college campuses?

I think Shippensburg having a vending machine like this on campus is inappropriate. If you're looking to go to that school and you're walking around with your parents and they see that isn't that a little awkward..?
Also- why not just use contraception in the first place? I know that mistakes happen blah blah blah, but I feel like having this on campus is worse because guys will think "hey she can just go get it a few feet away," but that isn't really fair to the female because according to this article- it is not safe for all women and it messes with your hormones. Just my thoughts..

I agree- I can't say this is appropriate for a university. Condoms are one thing, but I think this might be another. I have not one, but friends who took it and had an extremely severe reactions. It deeply affects your body, and side effects can include:
abdominal pain
menstrual changes
breast tenderness

Therefore, it shouldn't be an on-campus medication. It seems to almost encourage it where I don't believe it's a university's choice to weigh in (not that I'm totally against Plan B. Plus, it's in a vending machine, which just seems odd to me. I'm surprised the FDA didn't weigh in:

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