Overpopulation: A Problem

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Overpopulation is a growing concern across the world. An increase in our world's population could lead to starvation, disease, overcrowding, war, and a depletion of our natural resources. Our current world population is within the range of 7 billion people.  According to, Darien News, "Globally, the United Nations estimates that the number of humans populating the planet in 2100 will range from as few as 6.2 billion -- almost a billion less than today -- to as many as 15.8 billion on the high end."

An article in the Metro mentions how quickly resources are depleted currently. If populations continue to grow at an exponential fast rate then we can expect to run out of these essential resources even faster than predicted.

The majority of this growth is occurring in Africa according to Darien News. Cultural influences in this country lead to large families in poor conditions. If there is any way that this suffering could be lessened, it should be considered. Fewer people mean fewer mouths to feed. However, the culture in the country would need to be altered if there is any hope of stopping the population increase.

Overall, nothing bad can happen from attempting to decrease the world population. The world has never sustained this amount of people before and having fewer people could not negatively affect the planet. The phrase, "It is better safe than sorry" comes to mind in this situation. There is a possibility that we can continue to expand the population, the argument of which I will cover in my next blog. However, the potential downsides to allowing the population to grow are starvation, overcrowding, war, and disease. Personally, I think if we can avoid these potential outcomes than we should try.


1 Comment

It's an interesting article, got me to actually think about the human species more of a animalistic sense. If you ever take an Ecology course, there is a theory of 'Carrying Capacity' that a community will thrive, and survive at a set-point of participants within that community because there is enough resources. However, when there are more individuals in a community, and not enough resources, rationing can occur, and over competition.

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