Out of the Solar System

NASA's Voyager 1 was launched nearly 36 years ago and it has finally travelled past the 

heliosphere.  Voyager 1 is nearly 11.7 billion miles from earth which is just a remarkable feat for man kind considering we reached the moon only a decade before.  But, if you're like me you are also thinking about the possibilities that life in the universe will see Voyager 1.  This unfortunately is nearly impossible.  The closest star Proxima Centauri is 4.3 light years away which is 2,527,808,982,736 miles away from earth.  So if it took 36 years to reach 11.7 billion miles it will take approximately take 7776 years to travel 4.3 light years.  Which means if each generation averages 100 years it will take us 777 generations of our children to see this happen.  So while it is quite exciting that Voyager 1 is further away from the sun than pluto we are not even close to the nearest star.130912171352-01-voyager-horizontal-gallery.jpg


I have always been interested in life on other planets. Though its kind of depressing that humans live for such a short time, and that I wont be able to see Voyager 1 reach the nearest star, its fascinating how its already 11.7 billion miles from the earth and still traveling away from the earth. Also, its really fascinating how vast space really is. Is there really no land? Will we every see other life in other planets? So much to learn but so little time, so I hope we make a discovery soon.

Im trying to meet some aliens like this.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ECjO46EUp4

So crazy to know that Voyager 1 is further from the sun than Pluto. I hope in our generation we are able to reach another life form. Is NASA still technically out of service? I heard the government was cutting the program for the time being due to spending? Is that true?

It's amazing what Human achievement has accomplished, so quickly. The first man-made object leaving the Solar System to explore the deep reaches of space. It's rather fascinating to know that we are living in a time where we are. What was strange is that there were 'sounds' found in the deep-reaches of Space. I'm not an Astronomy Major, but that's pretty awesome.

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