Orangutans, know more about what they are doing tomorrow than I do

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I  try to gather myself every night and think about my schedule the next day, but usually I end up on facebook or texting a friend and completely forgetting that I have an assignment due for class the next day or have a meeting in willard. Well, orangutans might be more on top of their plans for tomorrow much more than I am.

Researchers at the University of Zurich have found that male orangutans plan where they are going to travel the next day and even announce it to their social group around them. They found that dominant male orangutans would announces calls into the forest, using their mouths like megaphones, to announce where they would be traveling the next day. These calls are also to announce themselves to the females in the area and scare off the less dominant males. (Source: Science Daily)

The researchers also found that the next day, orangutans would then travel in the direction they called. Also, if the orangutans were to change their plans, they would call again into the forest in the direction that they were to travel. I was able to find the article published by the researchers from Zurich and their conclusion was very insightful. They said:

"We therefore do not expect such a planning ability to be limited to orangutans, but rather to exist also in other apes and perhaps other large-brained animal taxa." 

Maybe they are talking about me? I'm a large-brained animal right? I actually have a balcony on Beaver Ave. Maybe I should stand out there and scream my schedule for tomorrow for all of State College to here. Maybe then I will make it to my 8am on time. 

1 Comment

This was such a cool topic to come across! i think it is truly amazing how intelligent the ape species really is! It's even more interesting to see how alike we are to them! You would never think a creature like an ape would have so much in common with a human! LIke you, and mostly every other college student, our schedules are so busy that we can't even remember what we're supposed to be doing half of the time. These orangutans are really amazing to me, I would be interested in researching this topic even further!

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