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In a heated game of poker on the rainy night of 1777 Benjamin Franklin leaned over to his friend Alexander the Great and said "Man we're pretty smart guys right?" Alex nodded and pointed at his friend Nikola Tesla. "Yeah man we're great, just look at Tesla. Look at that hair:"

Nikola Tesla

"Thanks guys, I really needed that." Said Ben. "I've just been really intimidated by this Jason guy." That's when I came in and taught them everything they knew. Then we drank and drank The end.

Hi everybody I hope you all enjoyed my story that really happened and was about me. My name is Jason Blake and I am a Senior Psychology major focused in Neuroscience. I want to go to graduate school for a PhD in Clinical Psychology or Neuroscience. So yeah, I'm into science. I don't think my major is technically a science major but the damn thing has neuroSCIENCE in it so I think I'm like a bad student or something for being in this class. This class looks like fun even to somebody like me who does actually like science and I'd love to talk about all the cool shit I'm into. Also I'm taking this course to fill out my last GN credits, so mostly that.

An interesting fact about me is that even though I do not look half Negro American I am actually a mixed person. Half black half and half who the hell knows, white or something. But despite all that adversity I still managed to love science even as a kid. I know I know I should have started rapping or never stopped playing sports but I just happened to have interests in more complicated things, like the brain.

Anyway science is cool because it tries to answer questions we've NEVER KNOWN. Like how scientists still don't know WHY we SLEEP. Or if we can post curse words in our PSU blog entries. These questions may never be answerable to human beings. Cool as shit.

I have a twitter. I have a facebook. I'd rather just give you a link of this

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