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Hi im Dana and I'm a freshman. I am currently in DUS aspiring to be a business major. To be honest, the reason why I took this class is because my advisor suggested it. She said it would be beneficial for the major i intend to have. She also said that this class had an awesome teacher who would make me actually enjoy science. So far it's working.  

I have never dreaded anything more than going to my science classes in high school. The teachers were always extremely weird for some reason and at times eccentric. Junior year, my chemistry teacher was actually bipolar and it was scary. The part i hated most was having to memorize definitions of things when i didn't even understand what the definition meant. This didn't seem to matter though, as long as i could memorize a sentence that seemed foreign to me then I could do well in the class. Because of this, i learned absolutely nothing. I can't remember a single definition now because I didn't actually understand it. When Andrew said that we would not be memorizing definitions but rather grasping concepts it actually gave me some hope that I could enjoy science this year. 

Aside from science, I enjoy long walks on the beach and I'm obsessed with my dogs.
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1 Comment

Hello Dana,
I'm also a freshman in DUS and I want to do Business. I felt the exact same way about science classes in high school, so hopefully this science will be better for the both of us! It seems better already to me. Looking forward to grasping concepts rather than memorizing pointless material this semester :) Follow me on Twitter if you wish...


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