New York Fashion Week: On the Verge of a Break-Through

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We all know about the never ending battle of what "too skinny" is and how it is affecting body images of our youth. This battle is luckily looking like it will be over soon. Plus size fashion has always had a bad stigma and many stores have proved this by not even keeping larger sizes in stock at their stores.
If a store only has plus sizes online, what image is that giving to females? As a female myself, I know it's not my favorite thing to see size 0 models in every advertisement and can cause me to feel bad about myself. Many studies have been done to find out what the effects of seeing these skinny models all the time are on females. Dr. Pinhas did a research at the University of Toronto and found results that aren't that surprising. Women who just looked at ads with models were found to immediately have feelings of depression and hostility.
That being said, is anything happening to change this so us fellow females don't always have to feel like this? I can reassure you that yes, there are huge strides being taken to make a change. New York Fashion Week was this past week and something most people would not expect to happen.. did. Cabiria is a line created by Eden Miller that had the first ever plus-sized clothing designer show in the history of New York fashion week.
In my opinion, this is going to help the fashion industry open up much more to plus-sized fashion. Which in turn, will cause fewer feelings of depression and hostility for us females. Hopefully this will allow us all to love our bodies and be self-confident in our looks. Do you think that the recent break-through of a plus-sized clothing line having a show in New York Fashion Week will lead to more acceptance of plus-sized fashion and eventually lead to an increase in women's self-confidence?

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I could not agree with you more. Times are changing and being so called "skinny" isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Not to mention the pressure put on women by the media to look a certain way and fit into a certain size is downright abusive. Instead, women of all shapes and sizes should be celebrated for their body, no matter the size, and the fashion industry needs to jump on that train. Whether they like it or not, they are one of the driving forces behind body image controversy, with their consistent use of stick thin models to show off the latest trends. While I'm definitely not saying to get rid of all skinny models, I think it only makes sense to show off your clothes on women of all different sizes, to make them more relatable. This article on Yahoo goes on to talk about the strides being made. This year, H&M has a 5'10" in a size 14 as the face of a new swimsuit line by Beyonce. Check out the rest here:

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