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Hi everyone, my name is Sarah and I'm a sophomore looking to major in accounting! I'm taking this class to fulfill a requirement and to learn a little about the science world. I'm not a huge fan on science, but I always love learning new things. I'm not a science major because I'm really just not great at the concepts and business is what I'm best at and have a passion for! Follow me on instagram to see my life in pictures! Here is a picture of my best friend and I with our beloved JoePa after a freshman year football game: 
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How did you get your image to show up!!! HELP! haha

While editing your post you should see a picture icon at the top, click on it to upload the picture you want to use! Once it's uploaded check the box that asks if you want it to be a thumbnail and then type in 300 or however small you want to resize it! I hope this helps!!

Accounting, huh? Here's a cool TED talk about accounting! :)

(This is my required comment for our initial yeah, nothing too spectacular here :P )

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