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Hello everyone my name is Jennifer Juanacio and I am a transfer student from Berks campus. When I first applied to Penn State, I had no idea of what I wanted to major in. I was clueless. I knew I was very good in speaking Spanish because Spanish is my native language, but I didn't think Spanish would be an option to major in. During the application process to go to College, my mother would always suggest for me to major in something within the Sciences.  Every time she suggested that I would completely ignore it. Why? Well, because I was never interested in anything within the Sciences. Of course she suggested me to take Biology because she, herself, went college with an interest in Biology. Well, when I found out that University Park offers Spanish as a major and I made up my mind in majoring in Spanish. My mom wasn't so thrilled at the idea of me majoring in Spanish. But I wasn't going to take something I had no passion for, something I have no interest in.  

Science was never something I even considered in majoring in. All of those formulas, chemical names, bone names, muscle names, all of those things that had to be memorized was not fun to me at all. Which is why I am not a Science major. The reason why I am taking this class is because when I was registering for courses I read the description of the course and it said " A Science appreciation course aimed to make non-scientists more informed consumers of science".  Hopefully by the end of the semester I will indeed appreciate the sciences more and have a better understanding of science. 

Here is a picture of my puppy, Sylar, the dog that is very much loved and spoiled by me. He also has an instagram account!   

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1 Comment

I can definitely sympathize with the conflict of majors. I've had people try to get me to major in something "actually useful" like business or communication, when my interests are English and history (people think all one can do with those is teach, it seems). It's great that you found an option you're passionate about, though. Sylar is adorable, and I love the name. He's named after this awesome guy, I assume?:

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