Music Festivals or Business Festivals?

Ever heard of Coachella, Ultra, or Tommorrowland? These are just a few of the music festivals that attract music enthusiasts from all over the world to come and share that love with more people just like them! More and more music festivals like these seem to be popping up everywhere nowadays but is it really for the love of music or just to make a profit? 

This year back in April, Coachella attracted over 150,000 guests from all over the world to come gather in California to watch some of the most famous musicians preform. Coachella is the most profitable music festival in game today! Last year they sold over 158,000 tickets which totaled over 47.3$ million dollars and not to mention tickets sold out in just 20 minutes! 

Interested in going? Tickets for these events range usually from general admission tickets 250$ all the way up to VIP all access passes that can cost 1400$. Would you ever pay that much for a three day music festival? I did! Every year Ultra Musical Festival is hosted in my hometown, Miami FL! I payed 300$ for three days of non-stop music (and it was worth every penny). The adrenaline rush and excitement you feel being surrounded by other people and watching the world's most famous DJs such as Avicii, Calvin Harris, Zedd, Tiesto, Kaskade, Swedish House Mafia, etc.. preform right in front of you is like no other! Not to mention the cool outfits you get to wear.. This year alone ultra made 30$ million in ticket sales alone!

If you haven't been to a music festival like one of these, I recommend you do so! Here's a video to show you what you're missing out on Ultra Music Festival 2013

ultraaaaa .jpeg


"Scientists deploy guerilla tactics at music festivals" was an article I read recently comparing science to music festivals and what the two might have in common. Strange and ironic to considering the class and your entry topic, don't ya think? is the link if you'd like to learn more about where science fits in at music festivals.

I love music festival. I would love to go on those crazy fun festivals. Since you have been to Ultra, what about this for next time?

I'm a huge EDM fan, so this article caught my attention right away. I immediately thought of the recent cancellation of Electric Zoo in NYC due to two overdose deaths as a result of the drug MDMA, also known in the EDM scene as "molly."
You can read about it here:

Since I love EDM music so much, it breaks my heart to hear that people died at a festival like this because they chose to take a drug to "enhance" their experience. It's frightening that MDMA is becoming more common and because it's a more "pure" form of ecstasy, people think it's safe. I think it's important that concert-goers are attending these festivals strictly to listen to the music, not as an excuse to take drugs.
You can read more about the effects of "molly" here:

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