Multiple Personality it real or crazy?

In my junior year of high school I read the book Sybil. Sybil is a book about a young woman named Sybil Isabel Dorsett who claims to be suffering from Multiple personality disorder which is now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). I grabbed the book while browsing the shelves, trying to find something to read to make study hall go faster. Once I started reading the book, I couldn't put it down. Sybil is a book about a real life woman who claims to have dozens of different personalities, some of them include: two men, a baby, a french woman, and many others. Now you can see why I couldn't stop reading. 
So, after I read the book, I wanted to do some research. I wanted to see if there was actual medical proof to what was going inside Sybil's mind or if it was all made up. "Dissociative disorders usually occur when something traumatic happens to someone, they use this disconnect from a stressful or raumatic situation or to separate traumatic memories from normal awareness. It is a way for a person to break the connection between the self and the outside world, as well as to distance oneself from the awareness of what is occurring. Dissociation can serve as a defense mechanism against the physical and emotional pain of a traumatic or stressful experience." says  the Cleveland Clinic
Something traumatic happened to Sybil, she was abused by her parents. This is what triggered the multiple personalities, she would disconnect herself from the events occurring and  she came up with a new identity to escape. Each personality that someone creates can have background stories, personal histories, traits, and even physical changes 
like they way a person talks or walks.
There was a show on TV called "United States of Tara" which followed a woman dealing with Dissociative Identity Disorder and how it affected her family. 
The question I am posing is this: Is DID a real problem or is it something people make up to seem crazy. I personally believe it's real. If something so traumatic happens that you create a whole new world and reality for yourself, you could go there whenever you want. It's a very extreme version of finding your happy place. 
There are no labs, tests, or anything of that sort to diagnose DID. So how is it real? People with DID are usually sent to a psychiatrist or a psychologist. DID is mostly for coping with traumatic events in someone's life. Therapy can help with this. Is this a real disease or is it someone overreacting? Is this a real medical issue? What are your thoughts?


Kaitlyn, Super interesting post! I learned about this in psych in high school but haven't really thought about it since. I agree with you--DID is definitely a real medical disorder. Are there any other treatments for it besides some simple counseling? How do psychologists or psychiatrists diagnose it? What do they look for specifically? Since each person is so different I feel that has to be very difficult.

I'm currently in the business school, but one class that I always loved and considered majoring in was psychology. So, I was instantly intrigued by this post. I would have to agree DID as being an actual disorder, but would have to say that it probably is an extremely hard one to diagnose between the people that actually have it and those that just make it up. I was also interested if there were any other treatment like medication other than therapy? Also, I was curious if the person has any memory when the other personality is out of what is going on or if it is similar to a black out?

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