Monday Blues

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I always questioned why it felt like my immune system was on strike on the first day back to school. Being secluded in the warmth of my own home and not having to be present among thousands of people, it may be obvious that for four months, I was at a safe distance from any germs at all, in comparison to the swarm of bacteria I may be exposed to daily now.


Only the second week back, and I already caught on a fever, sore throat, and minor soreness that I'm not too fond on. When I'm not busy sleeping off my sickness, I've talked to plenty of peers that complain about the same exact symptoms. It seems that there is definitely an illness going around, that always comes back after a holiday break.

When your daily schedule goes from sleeping all day and lounging in the sun (summertime happiness) to stress with school work and lack of slumber (fall/winter blues), it's no coincidence that it's affecting your health. Here are the top reasons us college students suffer the most.

Lack of sleep - we need 7 to 9 hours to be functioning human beings. Pulling all-nighters and ruining your sleep schedule on the weekends will do you no good in the end.

Exposure - As I mentioned before, exposure to viruses amongst the people around you is inevitable. Do your best to wash your hands often! Bonus points if you carry around hand sanitizer. 

Diet - Ice cream for breakfast only sounds good for the first couple days, and then you're back to missing mom's home cooked meals. Try to get a good amount of fruits, dairy, veggies and meat onto your plate.

Stress - It may be impossible to cut out stress from your life as a student here, with exams and essays piling up left and right, but find something that helps you unwind at the end of the day. Take up yoga, spend an hour on YouTube watching funny videos, take an art class. Literally anything that gets your mind off work is what you need in your life.

Substance Abuse - This may be an obvious one, but drinking alcohol lowers your resistance to disease. 

If you do catch a cold, here's the game plan: Lots of rest, plenty of fluids, get a check-up, take your vitamins. Although this may be what your mother has told you for the past 18 years, she's no longer here to tuck you into bed, put on a movie and make you chicken noodle soup. We're adults now, and it's important we take care of our bodies.

Don't let the Monday blues get the best of you!

Not all medicine acts the same way! Don't expect results if you are taking a fever medicine for your runny nose. Experts say these happen to be the best types of medicine to take when you're feeling under the weather:

For cough: Products that contain dextromethorphan, guaifenesin, help reduce mucus. (Try: Mucinex)
For stuffy nose: Products with pseudoephedrin, acting as a decongestant. (Try: Benadryl)
For body aches: Anything with acetaminophen (Try: Tylenol)
For sore throat: Kill that bacteria! Try gargling a salt water mixture to feel better in no time.

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I guess I never realized there were so many factors involved when it comes to getting sick. I, too, already got the virus that is going around (luckily I'm back to being healthy again) but it made me stress even more with the fact that I had to deal with getting sick in the first couple weeks of school, no mom around to take care of me. I am realizing now it is a no-brainer I caught the illness when I've been getting hardly enough sleep to last me the day, eating whatever I have time for or am craving and obviously dealing with the stress of getting back to school. Clearly, washing my hands frequently is not enough. Luckily, I did decide the other day to start attending some free yoga classes so I'm glad to hear that'll help. Thanks for all the info in this post! Here are also some of the best ways to fight a cold once it's already hit you.

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