Molly: A High to Die for?

Molly is the street name for a popular drug among the concert/ rave-going young adult population.  Molly is actually not a new drug, it is what drug dealers claim to be a more pure form of MDMA, which is the common synthetic ingredient found in ecstasy.  The drug's name sounds innocent and is often misconstrued as such from entertainment's frequent references to it in songs and media, making it appear "cool" and "harmless".  Young people assume Molly is safer than ecstasy and other drugs because they believe it is more "pure", but that is actually not the case.  According to an article in WBUR, (Boston's NPR News Station), like ecstasy, Molly is a stimulant, however it is stronger and is often cut with other things, like rat poison, cocaine, and crystal meth.  Young adults are taking these drugs thinking they are one thing, and do not know for a fact what is in them, leading to overdose and poisoning.    Here is a photo from FOX of Molly.  


According to users, Molly gives a euphoric, happy, heightened feeling that makes people feel united and comfortable with each other, which is why so many people tend to do it in the concert masses (WBUR).  The main issue with this drug is that there is no standard of what should be in the drug, and no way to know what one is getting.  Like we studied in class, science helps save lives.  The problem with Molly is that those who make it are not trustworthy or regulated scientists that can ensure that every batch has exactly what it says is supposed to be in it and will prevent others from harm.  This important detail is the primary reason for the consequences and results of users who get different batches and end up overdosing, or worse.  The past few weeks a handful of young adults on the East Coast have died from accidental overdosing on Molly, and it is important people realize the severity of the drug and the true facts.  To learn more about the common myths of Molly, read this TIME article.  This is something our demographic is faced with, and it is up to us to warn our friends of the dangers before it is too late.  



I live in Miami and this drug is used very recreationally all around the city. You can basically find it anywhere you go wether it be at a party or a club! Many cases of hospitalizations and deaths have been reported because people are unaware that most dealers lace it with other substances such as cocaine according to articles and what I've heard such as this one!

I never realized how dangerous this drug was until people I knew started to use it and it made national news for killing many teens. This is not something to kid and joke about, Molly is a serious hard drug. If you still need more convincing that this drug is harmful, check out this article:

Contrary to recent news, I feel like the amount of deaths by Molly is actually really low. The DEA suggests that there are many other drugs causing more hospital visits, however, I am in no way saying that Molly is safe: here are the risks. There has also been a lot of talk in the EDM community about "handling your Molly." I feel like this is a very ignorant claim, based on the facts provided in your TIME article about staying hydrated. So if there is anyone out there who thinks that they can "handle" Molly, I would just like to remind you that it is very likely that the people who died from it thought so too.

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